CANON PIXMA G2010 – Refillable Ink Tank Printer | REVIEW

Basically, when it comes to printing, we often opt to buy a low cost cheap printer available out there. When the word “low cost”, the only brand that comes to our mind is, HP. HP Printers especially their low end printers, by which, the cartridge replacement only cost as low as RM27 for black and RM39 for color.

My first printer was HP F350 and the printer died after two years of use. On the other hand, Canon printers although they are pricey, but for long term use, they suits well, in-fact, I am using two printers from Canon currently, by which, they’re Canon PIXMA E560 (for school use for my younger brother – the age of the printer is more than 2 years) and our “hero” today.

Let’s move into the review, shall we?


I bought the printer for the price of RM 559 and, mind you that, this is my very first refillable ink tank printer that I bought. Previously, I tried on customizing the CISS tank to my HP 2060 printer and it works well for about a year.

The Canon PIXMA G2010.

This printer does not come with wireless feature. Do note this when you’re surveying your printer, if wireless is your requirement, then ignore G1010 and G2010 models and straight away go to the G3000 models and above.

The Canon PIXMA G2010 general feature ft. younger and big brothers.

The G1010 does not have scan and photocopy feature and only serves as a printer while, the G2010 does come with print-scan-copy feature, with wireless feature excluded. The G2010 considered as a mid-range printer from Canon currently.


The specification of the printers (from G1010 to G4010 models) were given below.

Specifications of Canon G2010 w/ its younger and elder brothers.



This printer uses the hardwired method of connecting manually to your PC or your laptop in order to print. The printer also can be plugged into your router’s USB port to print via wirelessly.

The front view of the printer.

I must say, the design of the printer is nice. Frankly speaking, the paper tray placement and the output tray were positioned in the best place. I personally prefer this type of design.

The top view of the printer.

The given button was well mapped and easily understandable though. Do note that, this printer does not have the wireless printing feature, but, you can plug in the USB cable of the printer to your router’s USB port and use the printer wirelessly (only can be done, if your router have this feature).

The scanner lid was open.

I will explain further the scanner profile a bit further under “SCAN” section.

Ink Bottles

The printer comes with the default ink bottles, a black ink bottle, a cyan ink bottle, a magenta ink bottle and a yellow ink bottle. The default supplied ink bottles doesn’t come with a box and was wrapped in the plastics.

The ink-bottle (retail version).

Buying a cheap low cost printer is not important, the thing that does matter is, how much the ink bottle cost? I can hear your mind voice, allow me to answer. The price of the each ink bottle is RM 30. Do mind that, do not buy an aftermarket cheap ink replacement as, it can damage your cartridge and your printing quality.

The ink bottle was placed on top of the printer.


The process of filling the ink into the printer is pretty straight-forward and you’ve to do this process carefully.

The printer was lifted up. Looks like a car man. I can feel the vibe of the car.


The given black ink tank was slightly bigger compared to the color tanks on the other side. The volume of the bottle of black color is 65.0 ml more than the color bottles.



The given color tanks are same for all respective three color tanks. The volume of color inks is 65.0 ml lower than the black ink as their tanks really small compared to black tanks.


Friendly reminder:

Always check if the cork was plugged in tightly before beginning the process of flushing the ink in the cartridges.



I’ve conducted a test, a simple test by printing each respective color to see the output of the printing quality. Some of you guys might question why wasting an amount of ink, this was done to give a clear view for the people who have an idea to buy a CISS printer. Basically, we know about the printing quality of aftermarket (customized) CISS printer.


The output of printed Black color.

Analysis of Black color outcome:

The outcome of the printed black color is quite light. However, when you print the documents in the black-white mode, the font’s appear to be darker and solid black in color.


The output of printed Cyan color.

Analysis of Cyan color outcome:

The outcome of the Cyan color was perfect. I would say, the best print quality for a single color so far. There are no any white faded lines in the paper compared with other conventional printed outcome.


The output of printed Magenta color.

Analysis of Magenta color outcome:

The outcome of the Magenta color was solid. Similar to the outcome of the cyan color outcome. The color is lit.


The output of printed Yellow color.

Analysis of Yellow color outcome:

The outcome of the Yellow color was clear for a bright color as yellow. There is no any single faded white line encountered on the paper.

Balance Color

Outcome of Balance color.

Analysis of Balance color outcome:

The output of the balance color was perfect for a CISS printer like G2010. Perfect.


The given profile for scanning process are as follows:

The scan profile.

Shall we look at the outcome of the scanning profile? I only chose two different modes of scanning.



document beb
Scanning Mode: Document.

Analysis of Document Mode:

The outcome of the scanned document is good. The color seems to be darker and solid, looks lit. The scanned document was saved in the form of .pdf file type and, you have to manually copy and paste the image into your documents.


Scanning Mode: Photo.

Analysis of Photo Mode:

The outcome of the scanned document is not up to standard as the document mode.

The reminder of the Auto Mode.

If you opt for the Auto mode from the scan mode, the printer will select the best mode for your document type.


The outcome of the photocopy.

Analysis of Photocopy:

The quality of the photocopy is decent for such printer. I have no issues with it. The color calibration and the contrast quality are decent.



  1. Cheap ink bottles.
  2. The ink tank refillable at any time.
  3. Decent design.
  4. Cost saving (effective).
  5. Able to handle heavy printing.
  6. Good scanning quality.
  7. Software (GUI) – Straight forward and Features mapped at the right place.
  8. Supports third party (cheap) ink refill (Highly NOT recommended!!!).


  1. Expensive – cost around RM525 (price taken from Canon‘s website).
  2. Short USB cable – I mean, you can measure it with a ruler, I have to use an extension USB cable.


As a conclusion, this printer does the task thrown at it well. Frankly speaking, I haven’t re-fill the ink yet, even, it has already crossed over 5000 pages that have been printed out.

The overall view of the printer w/out the extension paper output tray pulled out.

If you’re a student, the cost of buying this printer is expensive, but, your investment on the printer won’t fail you as, the cost of buying the ink bottles is cheap, and, you can always fill the ink up whenever you feel to it is the right time.

The tubes was well arranged and Canon’s clean work can be seen there.

Next, during the first ink flushing process, it consumes a large amount of ink as the inks were sucked into the cartridge. It is normal, and no worries. Just, do not fill the ink in a wrong place. Carefully fill the ink and use a tissue if, the ink accidentally splashed out.

ij printer
Ink Flush feature: You can flush in the inks once in a month or depends on your usage.

Last but not least, if you own a startup business, you might consider a cheap and affordable printer and the first thing that may come to your mind is, the ink replacement, well, you can’t go wrong with this printer as, this printer really suitable for your use, in fact, I am using this printer for my own startup while the E560 was heired to my younger brother.

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  1. ramkumar agarwal

    This printer is veri bed. Dont by this printer. Every 3/4 months is new problam facing this Canon G2010 Printer. And Mantanance is also bed, service is bed , DONT BY CANON PRINTER.

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