ASUS TUF K7 Gaming Keyboard Review -Optical-Mech Keyboard with IP56 resistance, aircraft grade-built with Aura Sync lightning


RM 489.00

Built Quality


Keys Accessibility




User Experience


Value for money



  • Excellent built-quality
  • Comfy wrist rest
  • Magnetized wrist rest to prevent damages on the chassis
  • Optical-Mech switches - for better accuracy


  • Non-detachable USB cable



The ASUS TUF K7 is an optical, mechanical keyboard with IP56 resistance and aircraft aluminum built quality from ASUS in their TUF lineup series. This is the first TUF lineup keyboard series tested by me and the second keyboard to be tested from ASUS. I would like to take this opportunity to thank ASUS for providing me a unit to be reviewed.

Highlighted Feature

  • Optical-mechanical switches for precise actuation with tactile and linear switches
  • IP56 resistance to dust and water ingress, aircraft-grade aluminum faceplate for longevity
  • Broad, deep memory-foam pad for comfort and integrated magnet to ease attachment/removal (if necessary)
  • Individually-backlit keys with Aura-Sync technology
  • Map macro keys on-the-fly for multiple purpose

Looking at its feature, the K7 equipped with optical-mechanical switches for a better accuracy during keying in along with its IP56 resistance to further invoke the longevity of the peripheral to serve you longer. In addition, one of the interesting characteristic about the K7 is, it comes with a unique wrist pad, which can be easily attached or detached via the given magnetic panel to protect the chassis of K7 from physical damage i.e. scratch. The wrist pad offers a comfy pad for a better experience that fits your activity when using for a longer period of time.

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For the full specification sheet, you can refer to the official product specification here.

Connectivity Technology
  • Wired
  • 2.0
OS Support
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7
  • Keyboard: 439 x 131 x 37mm
  • Wrist rest: 439 x 77 x 18mm
  • Keyboard: 794g
  • Wrist rest: 194g
  • TUF Gaming K7 Gaming Keyboard x 1 unit
  • Wrist rest x 1 unit
  • User document


Now, I am going to share my experience of using the ASUS TUF K7 gaming keyboard.



Upon purchasing the K7, you will be getting a unit of ASUS TUF K7 keyboard, a wrist rest (can be used with or without attaching with the keyboard) and a user document.


The chassis of the K7 feels premium. For the money you paid, you won’t go wrong with your selection. The wrist rest panel design is at its decent size, and it is compatible with most palm sizes and not restricted unlike the other wrist rest panel offered by other gaming keyboard manufacturers.

The K7 can be used with or without wrist panel. However, I would go by attaching the wrist rest panel to the chassis of the keyboard for a better comfortable feeling. I personally like this type of engaging a wrist rest panel rather than attaching or detaching it in an old school way which is not highly recommended by most users.



Equipped with an optical mechanical switch, it casts a beam of an infrared light to the keycaps to improve the debounce delay compared to the traditional metal contacts, thus, improving the accuracy and it is slightly faster when receiving input from the user. I personally like to press the keys. Pressing the keys, it feels solid and the sound of the keys being pressed, really satisfying. I’ve used a Corsair K70 gaming keyboard, and I can say that, my experience using K7 slightly better than the Corsair K70 gaming keyboard.




The K7 comes with Aura-Sync lightning technology from ASUS. It is compatible with other Aura-Sync compatible peripherals. Using two or more peripherals from ASUS equipped with Aura Sync technology, you can light up your gaming experience further to maximize the potential of ASUS peripherals. To download the software, hit your cursor over here to go to the download page.

Over the ROG Armoury software, you can control your TUF K7 with four given profile with one of it is a default profile. Given 11 lightning modes, you can further customize your lightning preference further. However, synchronizing with another Aura Sync peripheral causing in loosing some of  the lightning modes.


The optical-mechanical switches play an important role here, where it truly meets its purpose of its built. If you’re a hardcore gamer, it helps for a better key accuracy when playing action-based games that requires continuous action of pressing keys, i.e. dodge, run, shoot and etc. If you used to put a large amount of pressure when you lose a game, then, fear not my fellow comrades, as the aircraft aluminum built quality and IP56 resistance of the K7 able to withstand heavy pressure. In addition, if you accidentally split over a liquid (soft drinks) on top of your keyboard, it won’t interrupt your gaming session, especially if you’re currently engaged in PVP or PVE session.


We often think that, most gaming keyboards targeted towards gamers. However, the myth is wrong as, gaming keyboard can be used by non-gamers as well, especially productivity users. If you’re productively used, then, the K7 able to serve you well. The location of key caps is at its excellent location and easily reachable, especially if you’re used to using shortcut keys i.e. Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. With its comfy foam pad, I can spend more time doing my documents and presentation without any discomfort feeling in my palm and needing to take a short break for my palms. I truly enjoy doing my work with K7.



I’ve tested the K7 for about a week now, and I can vouch of my experience using the K7 was great. Everything about it seems good, just good, from its built quality to experience in gaming, especially with its IP56 resistance and optical-mechanical switches. I can highly recommend the TUF K7 gaming keyboard not only for PC enthusiasts, but for productivity users as well. The TUF K7 is available in most IT retail stores, and it is highly recommended to purchase at authorized ASUS’s retail shop. I am awarding full five star to the TUF K7 gaming keyboard, thus crowning the TUF K7 as one of the best keyboards tested by me in the year of 2019.

TechCyn_BestAward_12 November 2018

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