ASUS ROG Strix Scope Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review – Enhance your gaming experience with Cherry MX Switches and Aura Sync lightning

ASUS ROG Strix Scope


Built Quality






User Experience


Value for money



  • Excellent built quality
  • Bright RGB lights
  • Portable
  • Responsive keys
  • Decent price


  • No wrist rest


ASUS Republic of Gamers had announced their latest member to their gaming peripherals recently, particularly in the gaming keyboard and, it promises great offering towards gamers. The Strix Scope the name given by ASUS ROG, built for FPS games via its elongated Ctrl key for better precision, stealth key for instant privacy and unlimited customization via ASUS’s Armoury II software and compatible with other Aura-Sync enabled devices.


The official specification of the Strix Scope can be referred here.


Front view of the Strix Scope box.

The packaging box offers few images of Strix Scope powered up with its wonderful RGB light effects with data sheet i.e. specification printed on the rear. The box is quite handy as the size of the box is not big compared to TUF K7, thus, the Strix Scope can be brought along anywhere with ease. I will give an A+ for the portability there.


The unit entrusted by ASUS to me is a review unit, hence, the actual unit’s accessory delivery might be different from what I receive.


After the Strix Scope unboxed, you will get the standard accessories, a unit of Strix Scope, WASD key caps, a user manual and a warranty card.


The Strix Scope comes with unassuming, yet classy design of a premium gaming keyboard. The chassis of the Strix Scope consists of aluminium built that leads to resistance when instant pressure was put over the keyboard leads to longevity of the keyboard.

The Strix Scope is hard wired with a braided USB cable, so, it won’t be a hassle situation to set up the keyboard for first use. This is very efficient to guide the cable according to the direction you need, thus easing cable management to be done.

Rear view of the Strix Scope.

The rear view of the keyboard is simple and you can manage the cables by directing the cables to the location of your PC. A+ for cable management there.


The Strix Scope offers up to five Cherry MX switches, Blue, Red, Brown, Black, Speed Silver and Silent Red. The unit provided to us equipped with Cherry MX Red switch. Do remember that, each Cherry MX switch has its own purpose, i.e. Cherry MX Red gives linear response without an audible click while the Blue serves as to give tactile feedback with an audible click.

The quick toggle allows you to flip in between controlling media or proceed with the standard function. In addition, there is a key called, Stealth key (F12) which instantly hide all the active programs and mutes the audio for the purpose of privacy.

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The Strix Scope can be further customized with ASUS’s Armoury II software. It is a software developed by ASUS specially for Aura-Sync enabled device to provide the best gaming experience towards the gamers. The software can be downloaded here.

The features offered, particularly for the Strix Scope can be easily accessed and understandable for most users. You can further customize the profiles to suit your current need (activity, i.e. gamingmediamovieproductivitygraphic designcode) along with 10 lightning effects.

The light emitted from the keyboard is bright, and considered as one of the best lightning emitted from a gaming keyboard in the market currently. The good thing about Strix Scope that, the keyboard comes with its own on board memory that allows you save up to six profiles, including up to five custom schemes, and use them anytime, anywhere.


If you used to game on your laptop, do not worry as the Strix Scope doesn’t consume much space, thus, placing it even in the most compact space, shouldn’t be a problem at all.


The purpose of Strix Scope is to provide the best gaming experience with few of its notable built-in features, such as N-key rollover and anti-ghosting. Adding the sweet to the top of the ice-cream, the ergonomic Xccurate Ctrl elongated key further adds a better fps precision for the games that require fast movement. With this, now you can further send messages (chat) and act at the same time, in a quicker rate. Gaming on the Strix Scope considered as one of the best experience as, the keys are easily accessible (A+ for mapping the keys correctly) thus reducing the risk of pressing wrong keys during heavy game play.



The Strix Scope definitely won’t disappoint you if you wish to use the keyboard for productivity. Not all of us would like to use the standard keyboard offered by your management (especially if you’re a boss of your own company), hence, the Strix Scope delivers the purpose, efficiently. Equipped with N-Key rollover and anti-ghosting feature, you can even type quicker without making sentence mistakes, especially if you’re in the rush of preparing reports. One of the best things about the Strix Scope, you can’t really disturb others (especially if you’re working in a cubicle or an open office area) as, the Cherry MX Red switch doesn’t create audible click sound as you type, thus, increase the chances of privacy of yours by preventing others to keep on visiting you to remind you to slowly type in your document (increases privacy as well).



As to conclude the review, I would highly recommend the Strix Scope for PC enthusiasts out there. If you’re wishing to get an ASUS gaming keyboard, the Strix Scope stands in between of low tier, TUF K7 and the high tier, ROG Claymore. The only downside of Strix Scope is, the keyboard doesn’t come with a wrist rest, thus leads to disappointment for the people who uses the keyboard for a long gaming session. However, overall, the Strix Scope delivers the promises made by the manufacturer at an excellent price with a premium feel and robust performance.

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  1. hi, not having a wrist rest is not really a cons. just sayin 🙂

    • Hi there Brother Lucid,
      I appreciate your input my friend. However, some people may like a mech gaming keyboard with wrist rest (personally me), however, some may not. 🙂

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