ASUS ROG Strix Impact II Gaming Mouse Review – Another ambidextrous gaming mouse for gamers

ASUS ROG Strix Impact II

est. RM 200 ~ RM 250 ($49 ~ $60)

Build Quality








User Experience





  • Ambidextrous
  • Lightweight
  • Improved 6200 dpi optical sensor
  • Replaceable Omron switches
  • Great features
  • Good build quality
  • Compatible with Aura Sync


  • DPI switch located at the bottom

alt="Introduction of ASUS ROG Strix Impact II"

The ROG Strix Impact II is one of gaming mouse designed by ASUS for budget gamers. I’ve been informed by ASUS that this is a newer version of its predecessor, Strix Impact with a few new advanced features. The Impact II is an ambidextrous gaming mouse similar with Pugio and Evolve, both same from ROG division also.

The key-features of the Strix Impact II are as follows:

  • Ambidextrous ergonomic and lightweight built
  • Pivoted button mechanism for a faster response time
  • Smoother flexible glides
  • 6200 dpi optical sensor with four-level DPI switch for sensitivity adjustment
  • Exclusive push-fit switch socket design
  • ASUS Aura RGB illumination with other ASUS peripherals

Based on the listed key-features above, the Impact II offer 6200dpi optical sensor that tracks up to 220ips with a 1000Hz polling rate for a better pinpoint accuracy along with push-fit switch socket design for a better longevity use. The mice also offer up to four-level of adjustable DPI switch that allows you to pick the right sensitivity needed to match your current activity i.e. productivity or gaming.


According to the source, below are the specification of the ROG Strix Impact II.

Connectivity Technology Wired
Tracking Optical
OS Support Windows 10
Dimension L120 x H62.5 x W39.5mm
Weight 79 g w/out cable
Color Black
Resolution 6200dpi
Interface Available Mouse: USB


alt="Overview of ASUS ROG Strix Impact II"

The standard accessories supplied is a unit of Strix Impact II, a user document and a warranty card. The warranty can be registered directly to your region’s ASUS website upon successful purchase.


I personally didn’t test out the Strix Impact that allows me to compare with the Strix Impact II, but based on my personal research on the Strix Impact, a few physically noticeable features can be easily identified in between those two. First, a dual-button that positioned at the side (right thumb for right-handed and left baby finger “Pinky” for left-handed people) of Strix Impact II while its predecessor don’t have any.

alt="Comparison between Strix Impact and Strix Impact II"

Next, the Impact II comes with a newer improved dpi sensor clock up to 6200 dpi compared to Impact that only has 5000 dpi. Well, not only this as googling more about differences in between these two models gives more clue of why the Impact II is obviously better compared to Impact. The Impact II has a four-level DPI switch which is a significant improvement over the Impact that only has a two-level DPI switch.

The Impact and Impact II switches were made from Omron and have lifespan up to 50 million clicks. If you’re used to be a hard-core gamer, then the Impact II certainly has one of the best rated lifespan out there. In addition, you also can choose your own desired Omron D2F and D2FC series switches and you can view here (at the Note section) for the full list. Digging out further, the Impact didn’t allow you to change the switches unlike the Impact II. Certainly a good improvement over the years.

Setting up for first use

The process of setting up of the unit doesn’t require much time as it only applies plug-and-play mechanism. The mice will instantly lights up when Windows detects the new peripheral being plugged in.

Armoury II

Speaking of drivers, the Impact II, of course, needs its own dedicated driver to allow maximum customization from the user. The driver can be downloaded from its official product site or if you already owned a ROG product from ASUS that requires the driver to be installed, then the Impact II will be detected by the driver, automatically.

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The driver has four standard sub-menus to allow the user to browse through each feature offered by the Impact II. From my point of view, the features offered by the Impact II considered as one of the best out there despite of its price.  Selection of profiles that allows each sub-customization feature made possible. This will ease the task of switching over the profiles rather than have to spend time to actually go through every setting to be updated to fit the current usage. The Impact II is Aura Sync compatible, in other word, you can sync other ASUS peripherals to work together to add further aesthetics to your setup.

User Experience


The Strix Impact II probably one of the best gaming mice I’ve tested so far. Unlike Pugio, the Strix Impact II is really comfortable to be used for long term usage. You won’t have that discomfort feeling in your palm when you’re gaming intensively. Weighting roughly around 79g, adding a good solid mousepad will be a good best-match to fully utilize the mice to its peak level. The clicks are responsive and can take the commands easily.

alt="ASUS ROG Pugio vs ASUS ROG Strix Impact II"

The Impact II illuminates the RGB light effects from its headlights at the front, giving a feeling like a riding a super-car. The mice were well designed although the casing of the right-and-left click are translucent, giving a slight blurry vision inside of the unit. The illuminate light was further tested in a dark room to compete against Pugio and the outcome is really good. The translucent surface didn’t emit any RGB effects from the Impact II give the further impression that this is not a cheap looking gaming mouse out there.

alt="The DPI switch located at the bottom of the ASUS Strix Impact II"

The only drawback of the Impact II is its DPI switch located at the bottom of the mice. I firmly believe some hard-core gamers may find this odd since they might be used to control everything over the top. But for me, I find it is at good position. Otherwise, the experience using the Impact II is good. The driver also allows you to track your mouse’s click activity so that the status of the Omron switch is identifiable.


alt="Conclusion of ASUS ROG Strix Impact II"

Summarizing the review up, the Impact II is a good gaming mouse from ASUS, undoubtedly among the manufacturers that adds a few improvements for their gaming peripheral revision, ASUS did a good job here. Certainly the price of the Impact II should be est. RM200 ~ RM250 ($49 ~ $61). With such price, this is a certainly a good gaming mice to be invested on. 

The Impact II deserves a silver awaralt=d from me. Based on my testing for about one week, I firmly believe, this is one of a good gaming mice that should be in your checklist when surveying a new peripheral for your desktop setup.

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