ASUS ROG STRIX EVOLVE Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Review


Recently, I’ve reviewed Pugio, an ambidextrous gaming mouse from ASUS. Today, I am about to pass my review to the public of the Strix Evolve gaming mouse from ASUS. The Strix Evolve is an ambidextrous mouse, which, specifically designed for both right-hand and left-hand users.

Strix Evolve – Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse.

It does offer an RGB lightning feature which can be further customized with a recommended software which, I will further elaborate below. The Strix Evolve is a wired gaming mouse, comes with USB 2.0 options and compatible if your laptop or PC has 3.0 or 3.1 USB ports.

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The Evolve’s top cover is changeable with the given alternate top covers as part of the accessories of the Evolve. It fits your needs and it can be replaced any time and, you don’t really need any special skills to replace it.

Highlighted Feature

  1. Four ergonomic mouse style.
  2. ASUS’s Aura Sync compatible.
  3. High quality Omron Switches – mouse switches that are rated to at least 50 million clicks.
  4. Five programmable DPI buttons to improve mouse sensitivity.
  5. Eight programmable buttons.
  6. ROG Armoury software.
  7. 7200 DPI optical sensor, 150 IPS, 30g acceleration and 1000 Hz USB polling rate for fast and accurate tracking.


Before proceeding into the review, let’s analyse what does Evolve offer.

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The packaging was decent, the color contrast used is in the right state. The printed information and specifications detail was mapped orderly manner at the box. There is a flip on the front cover for you to actually have a look at the mouse, this is good in order to allow the user to actually see, on the actual look of the mouse before buying it.

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The given accessories are, two ROG logo stickers, two top cover sets for the mice, and a single user documentations. The mice only come with a single wired option and not wireless. The built quality of the mice is decent. There are four side buttons (two buttons on each side), these buttons function can be further customized via the software.


Below are the specifications of the Strix Evolve.

The specifications of Strix Evolve.

The official specifications of the Evolve can be referred here.


Most of the gaming mice do not go through a complicated setup, as it only involves plug – and – play option. However, it is highly advisable to download a proper software, to allow the ease of the customization of the Strix Evolve. Mind you that, if you already have a pre-installed ASUS’s Aura Sync software, do not worry as, the Strix Evolve is compatible with the software as well.


Before I proceed to my experience on using the Strix Evolve, I would recommend for the gentlemen and gentlewomen out there, to download Armoury software from the official website to fully utilize the mouse’s performance. However, if you already have the Aura Sync software, then, you might not need to download the Armoury software as, the Strix Evolve is highly compatible with the software as well.

Strix Evolve – Truly a comfortable gaming mouse.

My usage of the mice as per my test mainly involves in video editing, graphic editing, document editing, surfing, streaming and finally, gaming.

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Firstly, the provided software, Armoury, gives an option for the user to customize the mouse performance according to your needs. The software was easy to use, and, if you’re a novice user, first timer, then, you won’t face much difficulty in using Strix Evolve. The necessary setting changes can be done here. Once the changes done in the software, the mouse does capture well, and, updates its performance immediately. Secondly, the Strix Evolve is not a heavy mouse, in other word, the mice can be moved easily and, there are five programmable dpi buttons to change the mouse sensitivity according to the specific task conducted at a time. Next, the buttons were well mapped at the right position at the both sides of the mice, which, adds, itself in the advantageous field, the buttons are responsive, and, you don’t really have to put much pressure on the buttons in order to make the buttons work unlike some other conventional gaming mouse in the market.


Each product in the market definitely comes with their own advantages and disadvantages. Now, allow me to give my point of view on the advantages and disadvantage of Strix Evolve.


  1. Customization
  2. Decent built quality
  3. Light weight – Comfortable
  4. Buttons were well mapped
  5. Affordable


  1. Unlike Pugio which have seven RGB effect profile, the Evolve only gives four.


The mice priced at the SRP of RM228, marks it as one of the most affordable gaming mice from a reputable giant technology company as ASUS. As the price were highly affordable, the built quality of the mouse is decent and grippy, by which, if you’re a content creator or a graphic designer, which involves on mice movement, well, Evolve suits for you well as, the mice are very light, weighting at 30g.

RGB Effect of Strix Evolve.

Next, the provided software, the ASUS Armoury works well and, the mice seem to cope up with the settings immediately once, the “Save” button was pressed. If you’re a left hand user, this mouse suitable for you and for ambidextrous user as well.


Last but not least, the Strix Evolve definitely worth for your hard earned pennies, as, it can be included as a member of your PC Master Race setup.

To sum things up, the Evolve gets a four star rating from me. It might not the best ambidextrous gaming mouse as Pugio, but, it has its own advantages.

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