ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Tri Band Ultimate Gaming Router – World’s first 10Gbps Wireless Router

ROG GT-AX11000


Built Quality






User Experience





  • Equipped with latest wireless standard, Wi-Fi 6
  • Good offered features
  • Excellent wireless coverage
  • Excellent built quality
  • Two USB 3.0 ports
  • Aura-Sync RGB Lightning
  • Able to handle heavy traffics
  • Beastly hardwares
  • Supports Asus-merlin


  • Slightly expensive
  • Inability to control the RGB via smartphone app


The ASUS GT-AX11000 is the latest flagship wireless router from ASUS that features the latest wireless standard, Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ax standards in addition marking its debut as the world’s first 10Gbps wireless router. The GT-AX11000 powered by a powerful BCM4908 @ 1.8GHz quad core processor by Broadcom along with memory up to 1GiB.


The GT-AX11000 is a future proof wireless router over the current highest router class offered by ASUS currently, the GT-AC5300, being better or best I must say.  The GT-AX11000 is compatible with most fibre service providers requirement as, ASUS is using a global firmware for all of its wireless router models. The expected firmware support for this model is 10 years or more, depends on the ASUS developer team itself and being newly launched in the market, the router also received its Asus-Merlin firmware support didn’t support Asus-Merlin firmware.

If you’re wishing to extend your wireless network throughout your home, then, with AiMesh, you can definitely make use your old ASUS router (if you already owned one) to recycle it to be as a mesh router by making the GT-AX11000 as the master router. The GT-AX11000 also comes with its built-in AiProtection as a network security to secure your home network from the attacks hovering around the cyberspace.

Highlighted Features

  • Next-Gen Wireless Standard (Wi-Fi 6)
  • UltraFast Wi-Fi speed
  • Triple-level Game Acceleration
  • Battle-ready-hardware
  • Front-line Network Security


The specification of GT-AX11000  can be referred here.


For the purpose of the review, I will only test the GT-AX11000 with the stock firmware (ASUSWRT). I personally feel that, the stock firmware offers features which I feel more than enough for most home consumers. In order to get better result accuracy, the router’s firmware was updated to the latest version.


Upon unboxing the router, you will receive a unit of GT-AX11000, a power adapter, a Cat6 Ethernet Cable, a user manual, a CD guide and a warranty card.


The given antennas are detachable. The antenna built quality feels solid and looking at its finishing, simply mind blowing.


The router feels heavy, show-casting the materials used are of the highest quality. The router shares similar appearance with the RT-AC5300 and GT-AC5300 in exception that, the GT-AX11000 offers RGB lightning emitted from its ROG logo at the top. Besides that, the cleverly designed pattern for better airflow via the ventilation space during the router operation extends the component longevity. In addition, you can further add up an aftermarket cooling system (USB-fan) to direct the airflow from the router.


Looking at the side of the router, a single WPS button, a multi-purpose ROG Boost button and a single Wi-Fi on/off button available. When pressing the button, I can clearly hear a ‘click’ sound, which I found, satisfying.


Last but not least, the most important part to be checked out are the rear part of the router. Totaling 6 Ethernet ports, each serves its function i.e. a single 2.5GBase-T port, a single WAN 1000Base-T port and five LAN 1000Base-T port given. Although at some point, I tend to think that, more Ethernet ports should be available especially for beast router like this.

Firmware Walkthrough

The UI of the GT-AX11000 similar to its smaller brother, the GT-AC5300 and offers few notable features such as, AiMesh, AiProtection, AiCloud, Download Master, Alexa/IFTTT for smart homes, Wake-up on LAN and many more.

I will be highlighting a few features in my review today.


Game Boost


The Game Boost intelligently juggles the incoming and outgoing packets based on the activity it currently engaged in. It also prioritizes the traffic based on the device with highest priority, even with click-and-dragging the QoS settings, the client connected via wireless also will get affected with this change, in terms, if the client device was set to high. Along with the feature, traditional and port-based QoS also available as well.

Game Private Network


The Game Private Network powered by WTFast. It is a portal that allows the gamers to maximize their online gaming experience without lag. It offers two features to work in tandem, LAN Boost that acts as to optimize the performance within your private network and AiProtection to secure your entire home network.

Game Profile


The Game Profile optimizes the routing of the incoming and outgoing packets from the device / consoles via port forwarding. Only widely known game trademarks, service marks, trade names, port range appear on this page. If the game of choice of yours available here, all you have to do is to just select it and the system will arrange everything automatically before you hit the save button. The maximum port forwarding allowed is 32.

Game Radar


The Game Radar is a free tool to diagnose the level of connection to a particular game server located throughout the world.

Aura RGB


The GT-AX11000 equipped with ASUS’s Aura RGB technology. The light will be emitted through the ROG logo located at the top of the router. At the Dashboard panel, you can scroll down the page to customize the RGB settings of the router. Totaling up to 10 profiles, now, you can fully utilize the RGB lightning effects.

The light emitted from the ROG logo is bright and vivid. If the router located in the open space, the RGB lightning effects can add aesthetics to the area where the router located in, otherwise if the router was chosen to put into the server rack, it is better to turn off the RGB lightning effects to reduce the heat dissipation from the router.

VPN Fusion


Basically, VPN Fusion allows a selected device to be tunneled through a dedicated VPN server. In addition, you can also have more than one VPN connections and multiple device can be tunneled via their preferred VPN servers at the same time.

Wired Performance

Servers Ping (ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
Telekom Malaysia 4 820.8 203.2
OVH Cloud 14 770.33 83.08
Singtel 194 198.94 10.82

Subscribing to UniFi’s 800Mbps plan, I definitely need a powerful router to fully utilize the speed without having any hardware limitations that bottle-neck my internet experience. Powered by a quad-core processor, the router handles even the most heaviest torrenting activity along with handling multiple request from client device that seeks for bandwidth to serve specific needs such as streaming to a 4k content, file transfer and game, yes, everything at one particular time, the router handles the thrown tasks to it, like a piece of cake.

Wireless Performance

ASUS is using a single firmware for all regions, hence, the 160MHz channel bandwidth may be unavailable for the 5GHz band in some regions due to regulatory restrictions. ~ ASUS.

Currently, there are not Wi-Fi 6 clients widely available in the market, yet. Due to hardware limitation on my side, I have to use the ASUS AC68U as my wireless receiver as it equipped with 3×3 MIMO configuration via media bridge mode. For this test, I will be comparing the test with AX88U router as it would be a fair comparison in this review.

GT-AX11000_Wireless2point4GHz test

Kicking off with 2.4GHz featuring at 20MHz gives 97.04Mbps download and 93.28Mbps upload for GT-AX11000 while the download result for RT-AX88U hovers at 90.91Mbps and for the upload, 88.54Mbps.

GT-AX11000_Wireless5ghz80mhz test

Next, we will be looking at the 5GHz featuring at 80MHz. The GT-AX11000 gives 498Mbps download and 207.32Mbps upload. This is an improvement over the result shown by the RT-AX88U, 485Mbps download and 206.8Mbps upload.

GT-AX11000_Wireless5ghz160mhz test

Last but not least, the analysis of 5GHz featuring at 160MHz of GT-AX11000 shows 558Mbps download and 207.5 Mbps upload. When tested with RT-AX88U previously, the download speed at 160MHz are 492.88Mbps and 207.2Mbps of uploads.

Wireless performance of the router degrades as usual as the distance in between the client device and the router, increases.



The GT-AX11000 crowned as the best gaming wireless router of 2019 by me, currently. It is costly, but if you wish to future-proof your home network with an excellent networking equipment’s, then, you won’t go wrong with the GT-AX11000 router. The router offers a variety of features via the stock firmware. The GT-AX11000 made specifically for gamers (home consumers), however, if you own a small business office, then, the router can definitely serve your needs. The router will be a massive leap network upgrade providing you with internet-lag-free experience along with its long-term firmware support as well as future feature offers. This router deserves a full star from me and it is definitely worth to be invest on.

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