ASUS ROG Pugio – Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse with Aura Sync Enabled – Review


The requirement of RGB gaming mouse slowly becoming a mainstream among the PC enthusiasts. As the world moves towards a digital powered era, few peripheral manufacturers include an RGB feature in their products. Answering the cravings of PC enthusiasts, ASUS’s presents ROG Pugio, one of the ambidextrous RGB gaming mouse available currently in the Malaysian market. The specialty of this mouse is, it targets both right-hand and left-hand users, as, Pugio does offer excellent features. Mind you that, the Pugio only comes with wired option and not wireless.

Highlighted Features

  1. RGB lightning in three different zones.
  2. Configurable magnetic side buttons for truly ambidextrous and ergonomic gaming mouse.
  3. Gaming-grade optical sensor with 7200 dpt, 150 IPS and 30g acceleration for fast and accurate tracking.
  4. Exclusive push-fit socket design to swap the durable 50 – million-click Omron switches.
  5. Intuitive ROG Armoury software to easy customization.


Let’s dive into the first part of this review, the packaging’s.

Before Unboxing

The box was uniquely designed. All the important points to be noted, were in the right pattern.

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There is a flap that opens up a portion (front) of the packaging in order for you to have a look at the actual shape of the Pugio.

After Unboxing

The standard accessories that come along with Pugio are, a single ROG pouch, a single ROG accessory case, two Japanese-made Omron Switches, two side button covers (can be replaced with the current button) and a single ROG logo sticker.

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Pugio only comes with a wired connection, 2.0 USB to be precise, and, the case quality and the cable quality are excellent and, the buttons were located on both sides (right-hand and left-hand) of the Pugio, which, suits for its ambidextrous design.


Below are the general specifications of ROG Pugio:

Pugio Spec
General specifications of ROG Pugio.

The official specifications of the ROG Pugio can be referred here.


The process of setting up the Pugio is straight forward. Pugio is highly recommended for 64-bit operating system architecture. The Pugio will boot up in ‘rainbow’ mode, only can be customized when Armoury software was installed, and it is compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports.


Before we proceed, we need to install the ASUS’s Armoury software. You can download the software from here.

ASUS’s Armoury

Install the software and, once the installation finish, the software will prompt you to restart your laptop or desktop in order to Armoury software to take an effect.

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The RGB effects are wonderful and the calibration of the colors were is well designed. The effects cope up with the customized settings once the ‘Save’ button was pressed, resulting the second best mouse I’ve tested so far.


Three profiles were coded into the software. You can customize each profile according to your needs and can save the settings as well. In other word, the very next moment you switch to another profile, you don’t really have to customize again.

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Back to the buttons, you can customize each button function available in Pugio according to your needs, and, if you’re a left-handed, then, you can convert the left-click to right and right-click to the left. It really matches the ambidextrous design for the purpose of the creation of Pugio to serve the user.


Secondly, the Performance section allows you to customize the dpi’s and the other related features that necessary in order to allow Pugio. I must say, this feature is a must configure feature in order for you to really feel the performance of the Pugio.

Profile 1 > Performance.

These are my standard desired settings that, currently fit my requirement. For a gaming session, I always switch profile instead of making changes manually in Profile 1.


Next, we are looking at the lightning section where, you can customize your desired RGB effects here. Six Effects profile was given, these can be classified further as:

    1. Static – The only effect that allow the user to choose the desired custom color, and, there will be no any effects on the RGB similar to other Effect profiles.
    1. Breathing – The effects that radiate the chosen color selection according to the ‘inhale’ and ‘exhale’ activity of the human body.
    1. Color Cycle – The effects involves changes of color without any special effects, unlike the wave effects.
    1. Reactive – The effects that only works when you click the Pugio (Any activity that involves button of the Pugio).
    1. Wave – The effects runs clockwise / anticlockwise according to the color wheel.
  1. Comet – The effects that allow one chosen color to ‘act’ like a comet is passing by, comes with two modes, clockwise and anticlockwise, similar to Wave effect.
Profile 1 > Lightning > Color Cycle.

I must express my excitement here, the software does receive the given input and gives the output in the form of the result according to the current profile effects, I’ve defined.

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An example of the Profile 1 > Lightning > Effects > Static effects.


Calibration allows you to select the type of mouse-pad you’re using now, if you use any, to improve the performance of moving the cursor especially during gaming sessions. You can select two types of modes here, namely Preset Surfaces which defined in the software or Manual Calibration that allows you to define your own desired surface type.

Profile > Calibration > Preset Surfaces.

Overall, I do satisfied with the performance of the Pugio. Playing games like CS:GO and For Honor, this mouse really eases the task with its superb features. I know the pain of using ‘noob’ mouse when it doesn’t perform as how we wish to be. But with Pugio, I had a decent gaming session. Now, I don’t really have to worry to engage with the low performance mouse when, I can easily shift the desired profile, I’ve customized according to my current session, i.e. gaming, office work or even streaming.


Let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of ROG Pugio. Shall we?


  1. Customization
  2. Armoury Software by ASUS compatible with another Aura Sync enabled products from ASUS.
  3. Interchangeable side buttons and internal switches
  4. Good cable quality and easy for cable management.


  1. Slightly pricey.
  2. Some enthusiast prefer higher dpi sensitivity offered in Pugio.


To sum up my excitement about using the ROG Pugio, let’s analyze in a walk-through. Pricing at RM239, it is considered as an affordable gaming mouse from ASUS for PC enthusiasts. Built quality wise, excellent and there is a premium feel when using the Pugio.

Static mode of the LED: Blue

Aura Armoury  works well and awesome features were offered to support customization from the user side, also, the Armoury software works well with Aura enabled peripherals. To discuss in a very detailed, 3 profiles can be selected, with each profile can be customized and, which then, make changes to the RGB effects on the Pugio, in other word, the software able to cope up very well with the given ‘instruction’. Pugio definitely suitable for PC enthusiasts, and, Pugio not only target the gamers, but, for the standard user’s as well. For lefties users, the ambidextrous design of the Pugio won’t fail your expectation as, it feels the same when used with right hands, you won’t feel the typical awkward feeling when using it via your left-hand. The buttons can be customized, the performance of the mouse can be customized, and, it does save my time and energy to go through every setting just to match my current session. Pugio scores a perfect mark here.

TechCyn_BestAward_12 November 2018

If you’re a PC enthusiast, and currently searching for an affordable, yet, unique gaming peripherals (mouse), why not give the opportunity to Pugio to serve you?

With this, I would likely to give Pugio a perfect score and, would like a to purchase a Pugio for myself, for my gaming laptop.

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