ASUS ROG Delta S Gaming Headset Review

ASUS ROG Delta S Gaming Headset Review



Build Quality






User Experience





  • Premium build quality
  • Good audio experience
  • Excellent driver support
  • Customizable audio quality
  • Aura-Sync compatibility


  • Expensive

Who doesn’t like playing online games these days? Let it be a boy or a girl, almost everyone plays computer games to fill their free time. To get the most out of their gaming experience, a good custom-made computer isn’t enough these days. A good headset is required to get a good visual experience from your graphics card and audio experience from your gaming headset.

Figure 1: ASUS ROG Delta S Review – Introduction.

In today’s review, I will be sharing my experience with ROG Delta S, a premium gaming headset from ASUS. Ranging top in ROG Delta family, the Delta S offers more feature than Delta and Delta Core. According to the specification given, the Delta S can be used with PCs, MAC, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Another advantage of Delta S compared to Delta and Delta Core is its AI Noise cancelling microphone. Adding further, the Delta S’s driver made from neodymium magnets with size up to 50mm.

Figure 2: ASUS ROG Delta S Review – Accessories Overview.

The built quality of the headset is pretty decent. The headset feels premium and heavy. The ear-cushion is comfy and suitable for long use especially during extensive gaming sessions. The headset comes with a detachable microphone, a pair of ROG Hybrid ear cushion, a USB-Type C to USB 2.0 (Type-A) adapter and a user guide.

Figure 3: ASUS ROG Delta S Review – I/O Overview.

The provided I/O options is quite standard, just like other gaming headsets on the market currently. A volume control and RGB toggle switch mode were embedded in the headset chassis. The Delta S is a wired gaming headset and can be used along with other platforms through USB-Type C to USB-Type A cable.

Figure 4: ASUS ROG Delta S Review – Armoury Crate Overview.

To get the most out of the Delta S, you’re required to install Armoury Crate software (for new users) and if you already owned ASUS’s aura-sync compatible peripherals, you’re not required to install the software since the driver will automatically install the required driver to operate Delta S.

The quality of the audio is quite good. It requires a good burning-in session to get most out from its Hi-Fi ESS 9281 driver. During burning in session, the headset gets hot, and I can feel the heat around my ear-lobes. However, after sometime, the headset doesn’t produce much heat, especially during a heavy gaming session. My music experience with the headset is quite average. Not the best experience I’ve faced with the headset. When it comes to movies and gaming, the headset performs well. Thanks to its built-in AI-noise cancelling microphone, I able to communicate well during an extensive gaming session, especially when you’re using annoying blue-switch keyboards. 

Figure 5: ASUS ROG Delta S – Conclusion.

In a nutshell, the Delta S certainly is one of the premium gaming headsets available out there. Based on my personal experience, I have a good experience with ASUS products and love on how the peripherals receive driver update each month. For long term usage, especially for gaming, the Delta S certainly is a good choice, if you’re not bound with the budget.

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