ASUS ROG Delta [Review] – Premium Gaming Headset for Audio Enthusiast and Gamers


Build Quality


Audio Quality









  • Well built
  • Type-C to Type-A USB Connector
  • Excellent Audio Quality
  • Couple of Ear Mesh
  • Armoury II Software
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility
  • Detachable microphones


  • Permanent USB-C cable attached
  • D-Shape ear cup might not suitable for everyone
  • Premium price

A dedicated gaming PC builds not only must equipped with finest parts, but as well as the output of the audio quality plays a vital role in the success of your PC Master Race. Hence, to overcome such situation, premium audio brands come up with their own speaker lineup series ranging from 2.0 to 5.1 and now recently, they moved into 7.1 speaker system as well. However, not every problem meets its proper solution where, few audio enthusiasts wished for their own privacy, in terms of reducing their surround noise pollution, hence, headset (also called as headphones) was invented.


Today, we are about to review the ROG Delta headset from ASUS, which has been launched in the Malaysian market, recently. To be added, the ROG Delta is the recent audio peripheral addition to ROG family, pairing well with another Aura-Sync enabled devices for better gaming experience and visual experience. However, is the ROG Delta truly worth of apprenticing the title as ROG flagship?



Firstly, the front of ROG Delta casts with an image with Aura-fied Delta, show-casting the capability of the Aura-Sync enabled peripherals. Next, the rear box shows the general feature of Delta, indicating a decent packaging style for a premium headset, not to be missed in the list, at the bottom right of the box shows the multi-platform compatibility of Delta, which, will be very useful for the tech enthusiast to use their gaming headset in different platform apart from using it for PC and laptops. Well done ASUS.

At the both sides of the boxes, shows the ROG Delta name carved along with the tagline of technology used to power up this beast.


Once the box was opened, we were greeted with an ROG warm welcome note, it is like, an opening door of how a premium headset presentation would be before, the headset was powered up for first use.

Once the note was removed, we were astonished by the beauty of the Delta, and, it took us about a minute of two to get back into the track, as, we was closely observing the material used to hold the headset, and we must be honest here, the best.


The supplied standard accessories for ROG Delta are:

  • An unit of ROG Delta
  • A couple of ear mesh
  • A couple of microphone (2 x detachable)
  • A Type-C to Type-A USB Adapter
  • A quick start guide notes
  • A warranty cards

The best thing about Delta are, you get a couple of ear mesh and a couple of microphones. So, if you raged during gaming session, then, you can easily replace the broken microphone with a new one.

Highlighted Features

  1. Industry – leading Hi-Res ESS QUAD-DAC for impeccably detailed and true-to-live audio.
  2. USB-C Connector  for true multi-platform support
  3. Customization, multi-color circular RGB lightning let’s you shine in style.
  4. Exclusive ASUS Essence drivers, airtight chamber and audio signal diversion technology for immersive audio experiences.
  5. Upgraded comfort with ergonomic D-shape and ROG Hybrid ear cushions.


Now, let’s have a look into the specifications of ROG Delta.

rog delta review kaw kaw

For full specifications, hit your mouse to here.

User Experience

Built Quality

Paying your hard earned cash for a premium headset should return satisfaction to you back. Again, the built quality of Delta was at its finest. The Delta feels solid when the force was put onto it, and, the headset able to withstand the common pressure put in, and, we would seriously advise don’t do a rigid testing under the 18-wheel lorries (Just kidding). Next, the ear cups come with ROG stitched leathers, covering up the steel frame. The volume knob was located at the left-hand side of the ear cup. In addition, the headset comes with 5-heights of adjustment for different type of heads, which highly remarkable that, the Delta suitable for everyone and  will not cause any issues for long term usage.


If the Delta is your first ROG product, you can download the dedicated driver here. However, if you’re already using Aura-Sync enabled devices, then, we presume that, you already have the dedicated driver there.

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The beauty of Delta is, the driver provides an equalizer customization for the users. In simpler terms, apart from tuning your on-board equalizer settings, you can actually, set your preferable type of equalizer customization in the panel provided. You will get the option to access the other provided sub-features of the equalizer such as sound optimization, virtual surround, bass boost, vocal clarity, equalizer (custom-possible) and microphone settings for streaming and voice-over.


The Delta panel gives the option to sync the RGB lightning effects on both the ear cups, however, tuning the settings here, will takes sync with another Aura-Sync enabled peripherals.

Audio Qualities

A good headset directed to gamers doesn’t depend on a price tag, but, the quality of the audio delivered from the ear cups. Here, the Hi-Res ESS QUAD-DAC plays a vital role here. The Delta scores well here. We conclude that, every good audio quality comes with perfect tune of equalizer setting. If, the equalizer tuned in a wrong profile for wrong usage, then, you can’t really feel the true audio quality of this headset. With good equalizer tuning, we’ve truly experience of what it’s claimed for.


The bass feels deep and punchy especially during our gaming session, when it comes to audio and movie, we actually don’t really wish to let go the headset as, we truly enjoy our music and movie session. The vocal clarity simply superb, as, when we were testing the headset when playing games such as CS:GO, and of course, with virtual surround feature enabled, gives us better accuracy to hit our target compared to the standard stereo setting of the headset.

Microphone Quality

Delta uses a unidirectional boom microphone for better voice over either for content creation or streaming to gaming platform such as Twitch. With different profile tweaks of the given settings in the sub-panel. Speaking of profile tweaks, only Voice Clarity has the most impact as, we can really get a clear voice-over recording for the content creation. However, Perfect Noise and Noise Gate only impacts about 10 – 15% recorded voice over.


Now, we have come into a conclusion. Pricing at the price tag of RM899, the ROG delta considered as a premium headset for your addition in your gaming accessories. Well, do the Delta worth for RM900? We shall answer it, shortly.

We start first with the built quality. It was good, to be honest. It with stand with different head sizes when the testing was conducted. The position of volume button and a single RGB toggle were located at the left-hand side of your ear cup. Supplied with a couple of ear mesh, you can add them at anytime you want, if you feel uneasy with the cushion used in the ear cup.


The Armoury II software is an upgraded version from Armoury I. As the name suggests, it improves the bugs present in the previous version to give a better tweaks and performance boost for your Aura-Sync enabled peripherals. Delta comes with a configurable EQ setting to improve the audio delivery even more and cooperate well with its QUAD-DAC Hi-Fi grade. The RGB lights can be turned off via the provided software and physically via the RGB toggle switch. Last but not least, the audio quality of this headset really is at higher ranking. We mean, the audio delivery was good in terms of bass and balance sound and clear.


To conclude this review, the ROG Delta really worth for your hard earned cash. We mean, if you’re really looking for a premium headset, then, the Delta should be on your list.

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