ASUS ROG Claymore – RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


ASUS claims that, the ROG Claymore is the world’s first RGB mechanical gaming keyboard with a detachable numerical keypad, which gives a flexible placement options for the gamer during a gaming session. It features high quality Cherry MX RGB switches in order to consent you a precise and a responsive keystroke by which, further can be personalized by the recommended software such as Aura Sync or Armoury. In addition, it syncs well with other ROG products such as ROG motherboard, graphic card and supplementary. Special thanks to ASUS Malaysia for providing me a unit of Claymore for this review. The unit I’ve provided to me is the RED Cherry MX switch.

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ROG Claymore Gaming Keyboard.

Besides that, the Claymore uses NKRO technology, which stands for N-Key Roll Over, which claimed by ASUS, provide 100% of anti-ghosting.

Highlighted Feature

  • Individually-backlit keys with Aura Sync RGB LED Technology.
  • Programmable keys.
  • 100% anti-ghosting with N-key rollover (NKRO) technology.
  • Hotkeys for fan speed, lightning and overclocking controls when paired with ASUS ROG motherboard.
  • ROG Armoury for lightning and stats settings.
  • Durable aluminium construction with intricate Mayan-inspired detailing.


Now, let’s see what does the Claymore offers.

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The box feels slightly heavy, indicating that the quality of the material they’ve used, is good. All the related information was printed in their destined area.

The accessories that come with Claymore.

The accessories that come with the Claymore are, a single unit of Claymore Keyboard along with a numerical keypad (ratio 80:20), a single USB cable, two ROG pouches, two ROG logo stickers and a single user documentation.


Below are the specifications of the ROG Claymore keyboard:

Specifications of ROG Claymore.

The full specifications of ROG Claymore can be referred here.


The setting up process as usual was pretty straightforward and is not that complicated.

ROG Claymore.

Now, let’s have a look at the keyboard itself. First, you have to download the software in order to fully personalize the settings of the Claymore.

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Once the software has been downloaded, now, you can start to customize your Claymore. Totaling 6 customizing profiles pre-loaded, it makes your life easier by just swapping to another profile at your needs. You can customize keys at the Cuztomize section and the RGB effects at Lightning.

Detachable Numerical Keypad

The first thing I observed when I unboxed the Claymore is the numerical pad which is detachable, adding itself automatically in our advantage field. It is a pleasant news for PC enthusiasts to minimize their desktop’s available surface area for a more clean desktop look.

Next, the Claymore features four color type of Cherry MX Key switches namely, blue for content creation and video editing, red for gaming, brown for surfing and, black for general purposes. The most important part of a gaming mechanical keyboard is their body build quality. In this case, for the amount you’ve paid to buy a Claymore, you won’t get wrong with it as, the high quality patterned aluminium-alloy frame be a perfect addition to your desktop.

The Claymore equipped with a single master volume control for you to control the audio volume on your PC or your laptop, and, don’t be shocked if I said that, Claymore even can control the ROG branded parts of your PC, which includes the ROG motherboard, graphic card, soundcard, and, it also can control the fan profiles along with CPU overclocking, everything can be done through this keyboard.

Relative to its advantage, there is a minor disadvantage, that doesn’t make its way to the disadvantage section, due to, it is acceptable as, not everyone likes the silent keyboard, right? The Claymore makes out a relatively “clicking” noise when you thump away at each of the key due to the positions of the keys, which are held close together. But, then it doesn’t disturb your daily task as, you can easily get used to it. Gaming with the keyboard, simply the best, so far. The responsiveness of the each keys are awesome. Last but not least before we move to the Advantages and Disadvantages section (below), the highlight of the Claymore is, its RGB lightning.

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When it comes to RGB, ASUS conquers the field as well with its ASUS’s famous Aura Sync and Armoury software. Each color, was mixed without any traces left behind during the color separation process during the RGB lightning transitions, compared to other common gaming mechanical keyboard that, currently available in the market.


Despite of its claim by ASUS to be the world’s first detachable numerical mechanical keyboard, does it really perfect as per the claim? Let analyse the advantages and disadvantages of the Claymore.


  1. Detachable numerical keypad.
  2. Aura Sync & ROG Armoury compatibility.
  3. Good metal quality
  4. Anti-Ghosting.
  5. Wide choice of switches


  1. If you tend to detach the numerical keypad for a long period of time, it can come loose.
  2. High price.


The ROG Claymore priced at the SRP of RM700, it is considered as one of the most expensive mechanical keyboards in Malaysia. Despite of its title, “The first RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with a Detachable Numeric Keypad”, Claymore lives up to its title. Allow me to conclude the article.

Detachable keypad of the Claymore.

First of all, the built quality of the Claymore, simply the best among its class, with classy metal quality that feels premium, you won’t go wrong with this keyboard. It is compatible to use, in other word, you won’t feel any awkward when using the Claymore at any angle.


Secondly, from the aspect of the software, I don’t really have to elaborate much as, the Aura Sync and the Armoury really fits well. The beauty of this software is, it really does get the job done and the peripherals seems to cope up with the amends settings.

Last buTechCyn_BestAward_12 November 2018t not least, the ROG Claymore was the best mechanical keyboard I’ve ever tested so far, and, using this opportunity, I would like to grant the award of “Cyn’s of Choice“.

The Claymore, simply Fìor Mhath, which defines as Awesome in Scottish Gaelic.

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