ASUS Lyra Voice Smart Voice Router Review – Smart Tri Band Mesh Router and Bluetooth Speaker with built in Amazon Alexa

ASUS Lyra Voice


Build Quality






User Experience





  • Hassle-free setup
  • Decent wireless coverage
  • Supports AiMesh and AiProtection Pro feature
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa
  • Premium built quality
  • Decent feature offered via ASUSWRT firmware


  • Only comes with two physical 1000Base-T ethernet ports.
  • Does not support Asus-Merlin, yet.


The Lyra Voice is the latest addition to Mesh Wi-Fi router in ASUS’s Lyra class. Powered by a quad core Qualcomm IPQ4019 @ 717MHz CPU, it is a tri band wireless router that has latest 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless standard. Assisting the CPU, the Lyra Voice comes with 512MiB of memory. Similar with Google Wi-Fi, the Lyra Voice is the potential rival in terms of mesh class router. Looking onboard, the Lyra Voice supports Amazon Alexa. In addition, it can mingle up with other Lyra nodes, particularly Lyra and Lyra Trio via AiMesh feature. Unlike other mesh routers, the Lyra Voice grants you full control over your smart devices. The Lyra Voice protects your privacy via its AiProtection Pro feature in it to secure your home network, thus, providing a safer environment for your kids to surf the internet, safely.

Highlighted Feature

  • Whole Home Wi-Fi Coverage via ASUS’s AiMesh
  • Amazon Alexa Built-in over the voice control
  • Rich and Powerful Sound to listen to your favorite music
  • Complete Network Security for Your Family
  • You’re in Control where you are the master and the Lyra Voice follows your order.


The full specification of the Lyra Voice is available here.


Special thanks to ASUS for providing me unit to be reviewed, thus giving me exclusivity of experiencing a smart wireless router.



Upon unboxing the router, you will receive a unit of Lyra Voice, a single Cat5E ethernet cable, an AC adapter, a quick start guide and a piece of warranty card.



Looking at its design, it looks like a bone, only to be covered with a high-quality cloth and solid casing which adds aesthetics to it. At the middle of the router, you’ve an access to four given buttons, each owns a unique function. Looking briefly, a volume up and down button, a microphone control button and a Bluetooth pairing button. Looking at the side of the router, featuring two 8W high quality stereo speakers that provide you with a deeper bass and audio quality. Poking the speaker as to test the diaphragm quality, I must say, the speaker feels premium. Playing music at a high volume, you don’t need to worry if your speaker burns out.


Uniquely designed, the Lyra Voice supports the latest Wireless 802.11ac Wave 2 standard via its 6 hidden antennas by providing a single 2.4GHz band at 400 Mbps of link speed and dual 5 GHz bands with link speed up to 867Mbps each.


Lyra Voice offers you two 1000Base-T capable gigabit ethernet port, one being featuring as a dual WAN/LAN port and a single function LAN port. Besides from the port, also available a power toggle to power the Lyra up.

Firmware Walkthrough

Similar with other ASUS routers in the market, the setup process is straightforward, the only thing differs the Lyra Voice than other ASUS routers are the UI remodeled with a nice green-white theme. I must say, black-green combination should be cool. You can refer here of how to setup ASUS router for first use. The Lyra Voice is compatible with most ISP providers as, ASUS is using a single firmware for all regions.


You also can set up the Lyra Voice via its dedicated app available for both iOS and android platform.


After you finish setup the Lyra Voice, you will be greeted with a standard web administration interface. Lyra Voice offers features such as port forwarding, VPN servers, QoS, IPv6 and other features as well. In addition, the Lyra Voice also comes with AiProtection Pro and AiMesh feature to be used to extend your current wireless coverage to another level.


The Lyra Voice also has the built-in Amazon Alexa feature in it. Now you can give command to the router to carry out the task via the voice control, granting you a superiority to control every smart device with just your voice.

Audio Quality

Powered by 8W stereo speakers located at the each side, the audio quality from the Lyra Voice is decent. The bass is deep and the clarity was average. The Bluetooth pairing works well and, it took a couple of seconds to get connected to the Lyra Voice. Overall, the audio experience was decent. You can enhance the quality further if your client device comes with equalizer setting.

LAN Throughput

The Lyra Voice supports up to 1Gbps of internet connection. In other word, the Lyra Voice can easily handle high speed internet connection.

Server Ping (ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
Telekom Malaysia 6 803.32 198.94
OVH 10 683.9 167.33
Singtel 178 186.32 20.98

The router can handle decent amount of load during its peak time. I don’t experience any downtime during testing the mesh router. Being a person who prefers physical connection over the wireless connection, I’ve to invest on a cheap switch to use multiple physically connected device at one time.

Wireless Throughput


The wireless experience of using the Lyra Voice is good. The coverage received is good, even though I didn’t extend the coverage using AiMesh feature. If you extend the wireless coverage using the AiMesh feature via secondary ASUS router, then, you will definitely get the best out of it. Definitely, as the distance in between the router and client device increases, the speed will drop drastically resulting in degradation of wireless performance.



Competing against Google Wi-Fi is a good idea as the end users will benefit and variety of choices. Looking at its advantage, it supports AiMesh out of the box and is compatible with other ASUS’s router with AiMesh feature to further extend your wireless coverage throughout your home. Now, the Lyra Voice is officially available in the Malaysian market and you can get it at SRP of RM1459 from ASUS’s official Lazada store. To summarize in a single sentence, the Lyra Voice definitely a good choice.

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