Reward yourself with Shell e-voucher when fueling with HLB Credit Card!

Enjoy extra rewards with an e-voucher worth up to RM4 when you choose for a card payment using Hong Leong credit card at any Shell stations until 18 September 2020. Customers required to spend a minimum of RM50 in order to receive the RM4 e-voucher through an email.

Reward yourself with Shell e-voucher when you fueling with HLB Credit Card! - Information
Figure 1: Get Shell E-voucher when you spend with HLB credit card.

Additionally, there have been a shift in terms of payment methods for the past few years and, Malaysians are not left behind. As reported by Visa, more than 70% of the local consumers are jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to opt cashless, i.e. cards over cash. Shell wish to cater by adapting the requirement from today’s tech-savvy consumers, who prefer a quicker, secure and easy payment solutions by giving them extra rewards whenever they fuel up.

The required steps are:

  1. Spend – Make your purchase for RM50 and above at any Shell station.
  2. Swipe – Pay with your Hong Leong Bank credit card.
  3. Enjoy – Reward yourself with RM4 Shell fuel e-voucher.

Thus, in collaboration with Hong Leong bank, Shell wish to provide their loyal customers and new potential customers more value when they opt to pay with Hong Leong Bank credit card at any Shell station in Malaysia. Visit to the any nearest Shell station today to redeem the Shell e-voucher.

Learn more about the Shell’s E-Voucher, please visit to the official source.

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