Malwarebytes Privacy – Protects your online activity using WireGuard Protocol

Malwarebytes Privacy - Protects your online activity using WireGuard Protocol

Malwarebytes, the well-known security company recently announced their all new Malware Privacy, a VPN service that utilizes WireGuard protocol as standard. According to them, Malwarebytes Privacy is a next-generation VPN service that protects your privacy and information over the internet. By using a strong encryption, all the traffic routed through a secure tunnel to their VPN servers before proceeding to be routed to the website you are visiting. Being one of the reputable security company responsible of identifying new threats everyday to protect their users, they assure that their VPN service does not collect any user logs or telemetry data. In other word, all your data remains private even from their eyes.

Malwarebytes Privacy - Features walkthrough

Now, diving deeper into Malwarebytes Privacy, there should be a reason of why it is called as the next-gen VPN service. Well, unlike other VPN service providers, Malwarebytes Privacy doesn’t slow down your machine and utilizes best-in-class 256-bit AES encryption for an enhanced privacy over the online world. Malwarebytes Privacy protects you from being tracked in online from advertisers and cybercriminals attempting man-in-the-middle bypass the communication between your device and the server. Malwarebytes Privacy offers over 180 servers in more than 30 countries and it is believed, they will add more servers in more countries in the future.

Malwarebytes Privacy - Pricings

Malwarebytes Privacy supports Windows currently, and their engineers still working hard to expand the service usability towards other available platforms. The service is available now and you are given two-options, either to purchase a standalone Privacy package for US$59.99/yr or Privacy + Premium for US$89.99/yr for limited amount of time. Malwarebytes Privacy supports up to 5-devices as standard. Malwarebytes provides a guide on how to use Malwarebytes Privacy on your device.

Source: Malwarebytes Blog

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