Lenovo Develops Portfolio of Education Solutions to Meet Evolving Hybrid Learning

Lenovo Develops Portfolio of Education Solutions to Meet Evolving Hybrid Learning

Lenovo updates their education solutions portfolio to provide support to the schools by adopting the new curriculum and pedagogy as students are required to attend the schools in the time of Covid-19 pandemic crisis. The global pandemic has been affecting more than 1 billion students, worldwide via school closures. To overcome such issue, Lenovo developed a new portfolio by implementing hybrid learning programme, a combination of distance and in-classroom learning. Schools and districts require secure platforms with education ready devices and effective digital content in order to engage the students to adopt to the new learning environment. Lenovo provides the teachers and students with the tools required for this programme to become successful as well as to expand the digital learning ecosystem.

Figure 1: Lenovo New Laptop Models

Lenovo PCs are durable and impact resistant, further optimized for tech-enabled learning and was uniquely designed with robust security and manageability. Besides that, the education portfolio is further expanded with the newest addition of two new laptops, Lenovo 100e 2nd Gen and Lenovo 300e 2nd Gen. Each laptop powered by the AMD 3015e Mobile Processor with Radeon Graphics built based on Zen processor technology. The 3015e Mobile Processor said to deliver better responsive, smoother video streaming with great battery life on new laptops bundled together with Quick Charge that provide up to 80% power in just sixty minutes. According to Lenovo further, both models will be available in September 2020, with Lenovo 100e 2nd Gen with AMD 3015e priced from $219 and Lenovo 300e 2nd Gen with AMD 3015e will start from $299.

The Lenovo VR Classroom 2 is now on sale in North America, and will be available on a selected markets around the world. The VR Classroom 2 combines hardware, content, device management, training and support for a complete learning solution. Digital-native students were expecting newer technology to help to connect the gap in terms of learning, collaborating, and sharing knowledge in between. Through VR, students are immersed in experiences that allows them to learn outside of the classroom to foster the deeper understanding of complex concepts, knowledge retention, and empathy. VR Classroom 2 provides both teachers and students to experience a visually and audibly isolated environment to have a better private engagement with instructional material.

The new educational VR solution features Lenovo Mirage VR S3, an all-in-one headset specifically designed for enterprise and education platform. It features a 4K display for clear visuals and the headsets further can be used with or without the provided controller, with an easy access to clean the face plate that suitable for mass use. The headset built with an integrated audio that provides up to three hours of battery life, being light-in weight, it can be used off-campuses as well.

From virtual tours to stimulating math and science lessons, more educators are understanding the value of immersive learning with VR. Lenovo’s goal is to provide teachers with a solution that’s easier to deploy and manage inside or outside the classroom, so they can stay focused on kids learning.

Rich Henderson, Director of Global Education Solutions at Lenovo

Lenovo is partnering with world-class software developers and content creators to provide students to experience far beyond the confines of their standard classroom desks or at home. These apps and content come pre-installed with:

  • Veative Limited – Veative Labs, a leading provider of immersive learning solutions, developed this application specifically for VR Classroom 2. It features 40 VR modules including science, mathematics and virtual tours. Users also given option to upgrade to Veative Lab’s full library consisting of 550 interactive STEM modules either on Lenovo-powered computers or on VR Classroom 2.
  • VICTAR VR – Dev Clever, a leading developer of mobile and immersive experiences, has developed VICTAR VR, an integrated virtual reality careers platform. The platform were designed to engage students using an interactive environment to gamify the journey of self-discovery for young people as part of career planning.
  • Wild Immersion – A virtual wildlife reserve that shows animals in their natural habitat through 360° immersive experiences. The videos are self-guided activities, where students work independently to experience the wonder and awe of animals, as well as come to understand the challenges of nature conservation.

The Lenovo VR Classroom 2 is powered by ThinkReality platform, owned by Lenovo itself. By utilizing LanSchool Air for better classroom management, teacher can now remotely manage and control all class devices through a single source. In addition, the VR Classroom 2 is now supported by Lenovo Integrated Solutions Support (LISS), that provides end-to-end support from expert technicians and engineers to solve any persists issues faced by the teachers or students. LISS grants the customers a hassle-free support for their entire Lenovo solution, this includes a dedicated phone line for quick access to an assigned team of technical experts and engineers for a faster resolution time and proactive case management and escalation assistance.

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