Global pandemic creates a new norm for most business operations out there. Let it be small-medium, or even large organizations adapts to the new norm through hybrid working. Seizing the business opportunity, Jabra announces PanaCast 50, an intelligent video bar aimed towards organizations, and PanaCast 20, an intelligent personal camera aimed towards work from home employees.

Key features of PanaCast 50:

  • Astounding audio quality.
  • Unique 180° field of view.
  • Virtual Director intelligently.
  • Safety Capacity and Room Usage Insights.
  • Real-time whiteboard streaming.

PanaCast 50 engineered to combine the trios, immersive vision and video, world-leading audio technologies and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to reinvent online meetings.

“We believe Jabra PanaCast 20 and PanaCast 50 are fitting solutions for such extraordinary times.”

Glady Kong, Country Manager – Malaysia & Brunei at Jabra.

Jabra informs that the PanaCast is suitable to be used with any video conferencing solution, such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom, and Zoom Rooms. Assuredly, PanaCast 50 is easy to set up through plug-and-play method. Jabra claims that this solution is user-friendly by keeping in mind that, this solution made for everyone.

Being the leader in audio, video, and collaboration segment, PanaCast 50 programmed to be a director of your meeting through AI-based video, and audio streams to detect active speakers. This algorithm further adjust the frame automatically to follow the action. The video solution features 13-megapixel cameras that provide a unique 180° field of view in Panaromic-4K. The patented video stitching technology utilizes the programmed algorithms to optimize the live-stitching of the three video streams together, in real-time. Assisting this intelligent algorithm further, is the powerful Edge processors that carry out real-time integration of audio, video, and data. The real-time whiteboard streaming further helps the contents to captured to be shown to the available participants. Moreover, the PeopleCount feature is one of the main features offered that allows the video solution to compare the count with a customer-defined room capacity limit number to identify overcapacity. The PanaCast 50 features eight beamforming microphones, with intelligent removal of unwanted background noise during the meeting, and four powerful speakers in a zero-vibration stereo setup to provide a high-quality audio experience. The PanaCast 50 costs at MRSP of RM6,500, with dual-color options.

Figure 1: Jabra PanaCast 20 – Source.

Hybrid working is a new norm practiced by everyone, including students, teachers, university lecturers, and business operations. This requirement fulfilled by Jabra through their PanaCast 20. The PanaCast 20, allows the employees to gain benefit from this privacy-focused solution through high-quality video communication in a compact, yet in a portable package.

PanaCast 20 features AI managed on-device with Edge processing, without requiring the advanced experience data to be sent to the cloud for procession, neither do requiring an additional software to do so. Jabra strongly emphasize that the PanaCast 20 is a privacy-focused solution by providing a built-in lens to cover that can be used when the solution isn’t in use. Above all, the PanaCast 20 delivers 4K Ultra HD high-quality video, that suitable for professional video communication, such as e-meetings. According to Jabra further, the PanaCast 20 costs at MRSP of RM1,600, with only one color option.