GIGABYTE launches AORUS H1 Gaming Headset

GIGABYTE launches AORUS H1 Gaming Headset

GIGABYTE introduces their new gaming headset model, AORUS H1. This gaming headset designed towards hardcore gamers with exceptional audio quality. AORUS H1 utilizes 50mm drivers with 7.1 virtual sound technology, suitable for hardcore gamers to fully utilize the headset when it comes to an extensive gaming session. The AORUS H1 features ENC technology microphone that filters out unwanted background noise while streaming live through social medias like Facebook, Discord or Twitch.

The AORUS H1 further can be customized through a dedicated audio software that provides several feature access, such as equalizer, environment modes, microphone settings and etceteras. AORUS H1 designed to fit to almost universal head size through its flexible chassis build. The flexible ear caps featuring ranges of sizes to fit different face contouring thanks to the soft and breathable earmuffs which eventually avoid ear pressure.

Ear cups on the both sides of AORUS H1 equipped with RGB lighting effects, so the users can profile the RGB effects based on their current preferences. Utilizing only one USB port, gamers can connect to audio, microphone, RGB lighting, and power at once (speaking about utilizing every feature with a single cable). The AORUS H1 compatible to be used with PCs, laptops, console games and TVs. The wired remote control of AORUS H1 provides an access to control volume, RGB lighting effects, track management and ENC feature while gaming. GIGABYTE is yet to release the actual pricing of AORUS H1 until further notice. However, the headset will be available in the Malaysian market on January 2021.

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