Create Videos On the Go with AMD Ryzen Mobile Processors and Radeon RX Graphics in Adobe Premiere Pro

In general, creators wish for a computer system that has all features bundled in a single piece of hardware, portable and still able to deliver maximum performance to fit the current software requirement. Creators often rely on many complex software to produce a high quality video, such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

Figure 1: Adobe Premiere Pro 14.2 – Image Courtesy (Source).

Following the release of Adobe Premiere Pro 14.2 back in May, that adds hardware-accelerated encoding feature, AMD produce a new data today, demonstrating on how laptops powered by the latest AMD Ryzen Mobile Processors with Radeon Graphics assist the process of video encoding faster than ever. AMD brings the Ryzen 4000 H-Series Mobile Processors with powerful performance in a small form-factor, which was impossible to be implemented before. The update utilizes AMD AMF (Advanced Media Framework) multimedia processing technology to speed up video encoding on a system powered by any AMD GPU, this includes AMD Radeon Graphics built into every AMD Ryzen U-Series mobile processor. Such technology utilization enables ultrathin AMD powered laptops that don’t have a dedicated GPU, able to speed up video exports in Premiere Pro.

Figure 2: Video Encoding Performance – Image Courtesy (Source).

As an example, a 14-inch Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 was put into a test. Powered by AMD Ryzen 7 4800U, the built-in AMD Radeon Graphics exports a 4-minute extreme high-quality video Apple ProRes 4444 4K 60p QuickTime video clip to the Premiere Pro H.264 4K YouTube preset in just 12 minutes 20 seconds, versus exporting with a CPU that consumes 17 minutes and 22 seconds.

Figure 3: Video Encoding Performance – Image Courtesy (Source).

Another good example is the Dell G5 15 Special Edition laptop, powered by AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with AMD Radeon RX 5600M GPU. The laptop exports the same length video used on the test above to the H.264 4K YouTube preset in just 5 minutes and 16 seconds, up to 43% faster than software-only (CPU) accelerated video encoding.

Ultrathin laptops with AMD Ryzen 4000 U-Series Mobile Processors with Radeon Graphics delivers the ultimate balance in between portability and performance for content creators that constantly requires to run a complex software such as Adobe Premiere Pro. Laptops powered by AMD Ryzen 4000 H-Series mobile Processors and discrete AMD Radeon RX graphics brings desktop-caliber performance for agile requirement required by complex software.

Source: AMD Community

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