Cloudflare Introduces For Families – Cloudflare listen to your request and they made a solution out of it

Cloudflare Introduces For Families - Content and Adult filtering of Cloudflare's service

Cloudflare announced their all new for Families, an additional layer of protection to your home network by protecting your home device from accessing to sites containing malware and adult contents. According to Cloudflare further, the DNS server is free-of-charge and can be configured in any devices or routers.

Below are the three flavors offered by Cloudflare as a part of their DNS service:

Flavors Standard Blocks
Malware Only
Malware & Adult Content
IPv6 2606:4700:4700::1111

According to Cloudflare, they will be providing the ability to configure the settings for for Families soon. This includes, managing (whitelist and blacklist) of accessing to certain sites, scheduling the access time towards any sites such as social media and producing reports on the internet usage.

Cloudflare Introduces For Families - and testing

To ensure, they are up to their claim, I’ve personally conducted a simple experiment by changing from my preferred standard and to and It appears when and were used, google automatically enables the safe-search feature. To me, it appears to be a good feature similar to how OpenDNS does, but Cloudflare is offering the service for free. I personally welcome such effort from Cloudflare and congratulate them for such initiative.

Source: Cloudflare

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