ASUS Republic of Gamers: Intel Laptop Lineup gets Liquid Metal for 2020 – Reduction in temperature thanks to exotic thermal compound and noise reduction for a better experience

ASUS Republic of Gamers announced the rollout of Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut, a liquid metal thermal compound for their ROG lineup gaming laptop of the year 2020 by featuring Intel’s 10 Gen processors. ROG has patented a factory-application process to produce a better CPU performance, lower in temperature and reduction in noise for serious overclockers and enthusiasts.

According to ROG, one of the greatest challenges in designing a gaming laptop is the cooling mechanism used. After countless of methods used to find a suitable solution, ROG R&D engineers finally found out that, using liquid metals that have an ability to transfer thermal energy between surfaces of a processor die and heat-sink, effectively.

Next, the R&D engineers target Intel’s 10 Gen Core processors to maximize the performance of the CPU by electing them to pair with Thermal Grizzly’s Conductonaut compound. The process required two-stages of the method. The first stage required essential painting, a mechanized arm wets its silicon brush in a container of liquid metal and glides forth and back across the CPU, simultaneously. The process requires 17 passes be exact as it was determined as an ideal number for complete coverage.

In order to minimize the accumulation on the edges of the processor, the initial brushing pass makes contact at a different point over the surface than subsequent strokes. The die was set inside a stainless-steel shim that stops excess compound from spreading to the surrounding area. Adding further, the shim is small enough to sit directly over the CPU, allowing it to be used for a different laptops from the same generation. Lesser in the metal used reduces the thermal transfer efficiency. When the first pass sets the stage, a second machine injects more compound at two points on the die. ROG engineers created a special barrier that fits in between heat-sink and processor at a size of 0.1mm that keep it from seeping out and shorting circuits.

The first product from ROG that adapt to this technology was the ROG Mothership. It undergoes several refinements before the rollout was made for the ROG gaming laptop series embedded with 10th generation of Intel’s Core processors.

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