AMD provides 360 virtual tour of the flagship supercomputer, Hawk

AMD had provided a never-seen-before 360 virtual tour of the flagship supercomputer, Hawk at the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) of the University of Stuttgart, Germany. According to AMD further, the Hawk system is among the fastest supercomputers utilized, worldwide and the fastest general-purpose system for scientific and industrial computing in Europe.

AMD also, provided an access to the virtual tour that shows an inside-look into the impressive achievement when it comes to European supercomputing. In addition, the tour also includes an interview with Dr. Bastian Koller, the Managing Director at HLRS explaining briefly about how the system works and its embedded applications. The Hawk system consists of 44 racks provided by over 5600 compute nodes that sum up to over 720000 compute cores of 2nd Gen of AMD EPYC processors. AMD also provide a technical specifications that made for the public view, here.

Briefing further, the Hawk system was designed to advance application in energy, climate, mobility and health, at optimal performance of approximately 26 petaflops (26 quadrillion floating-point operations per second). In order to illustrate this further, the petaflop computing allows more accurate modelling of complex systems and matches of what a 1 petaflop computer system can accomplish in a second. Hawk enables the scientists and engineers to carry out research on a larger scale on a complex phenomenon while supporting data-intensive workflows that fuses artificial intelligence, big data analysis, deep learning and stimulation.

Source: HPE and AMD – When You Need EPYC Performance.

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