AMD A520 chipset for AM4 socket is now available worldwide

AMD officially launch their all new AMD A520 chipset for AM4 socket. The goal is to provide a streamlined, trusted platform along with numerous options for better connectivity and bandwidth to satisfy the requirement to run home PCs and office PCs. According to AMD further, the A520 chipset is now widely available from most motherboard manufacturers.

AMD A520 chipset for AM4 socket is now available worldwide
Figure 1: AMD A520 Chipset

Adding further, in order to provide a support for AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen Desktop Processors, the AMD A520 chipset allows customers to perform any future upgrades based on the future Ryzen Desktop Processors that will be based on Zen 3 architecture.

AMD ChipsetA320A520B550X570
CPU Graphics Supportx16 PCIe® 3.0x16 PCIe® 3.0x16 PCIe® 4.0x16 PCIe® 4.0
CPU Storage SupportPCIe® 3.0PCIe® 3.0PCIe® 4.0PCIe® 4.0
CPU USB Ports1x USB 3.2 Gen21x USB 3.2 Gen22x USB 3.2 Gen28x USB 3.2 Gen2
Dual Graphics SupportNoNoYesYes
General Purpose LanesPCIe® 2.0PCIe® 3.0PCIe® 3.0PCIe® 4.0
CPU Chipset UplinkPCIe® 3.0PCIe® 3.0PCIe® 3.0PCIe® 4.0
Overclocking SupportNoNoYesYes
Table 1: AMD 500 Series Chipsets.

Source: AMD A520

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