ASUS TUF Gaming P3 Mouse Pad Review – Affordable gaming mousepad for extra comfort

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ASUS TUF Gaming P3 Mousepad


Built Quality






User Experience



  • Affordable
  • Excellent quality


  • Average in size especially if you required to move the mouse a lot during gaming


Almost everyone of us will definitely need a comfortable mouse pad to enhance our experience better during experiencing certain activity at a time, i.e. gaming or productivity. Introducing to you, the latest gaming mouse pad from ASUS, the TUF P3 Mouse Pad is the real deal here.

Highlight of the TUF P3

  • Smooth cloth surface optimized for gaming to provide accurate and responsive mouse-tracking.
  • All-round raised edge reinforced by durable anti-fray stitching to endure more battles.
  • Non-slip rubber base sits firmly in place so you stay in control during intense firefights.
  • TUF Gaming-inspired design projects style and strength with an industrial vibe.


At first glance, I was wondering about the price of this mouse pad. Estimated to cost around RM46 (est. $11 USD), do TUF P3 gives the best experience?. Well, for such price, we often look for a better competitor such as Corsair or Razer, right? Well, before you take any decision further, let’s us explore what this mouse pad offers to your palm when you’re using your computer for long.


The standard accessories given is a P3 gaming mouse pad and a manual. Nothing much. Holding the mouse pad for the first time gives me a glimpse of my experience of using a cheap same-in-the-price-range of the TUF P3, the Razer Goliathus Mobile Edition mouse pad. Although both of them are in the same price range, however, they do differ in terms of the materials used. The TUF P3 was built using TUF Gaming ethos to serve the best experience for both gamers and productivity users.

When I was testing the TUF P3 mouse pad for about a week, I must say, I totally satisfy with the experience. Using a gaming mouse such as Strix Evolve and a standard mouse gives the different output, a gaming mouse targeted towards gamers and a surface of the table or mouse pad plays an important role in the giving out the best responsive tracking of a gaming mouse, different when it comes to a standard mouse whose primarily used for productivity. If you’re a hardcore gamer, don’t worry as the TUF P3 were built with anti-fray stitching that provides you a better support (non-slip rubber base) during vigorous movement of a mouse pad. In addition, with its built quality, the TUF P3 was designed for longevity.



Although the TUF P3 gaming mouse pad can’t compete with higher end gaming mouse pad, however, it is definitely worth, especially for budget users who seeks out a simple, a well built gaming mouse pad at an affordable price range.

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