[Guide] Cable placement for ISP’s Modem

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This is a very straight-forward tutorial on how to identify the right cable placement for the respective equipment’s.

This tutorial is suitable for those who are in the situation as follows:

  1. People who wish to upgrade their network equipment, such as replacing / upgrading wireless router.
  2. People who wish to upgrade their network cable (LAN) cable.
  3. People who plan to remove the equipment’s from a place to another place.
Example of network standard cabling mode for UniFi.

Two situations for two major ISP’s in Malaysia:

  1. All UniFi users were supplied with default equipment’s follows the setup as the image above.
  2. Since Maxis riding on TM’s infrastructure, hence, each Maxis fiber users will be supplied a TM’s ONU (BTU) and, the LAN port allocated for Maxis Fiber users are LAN 2.


These are the common IPTV setup for three main wireless router manufactures in Malaysia:

  1. ASUS – LAN 4
  2. D-Link – LAN 4
  3. TP-LINK – LAN 1

The WAN setup is normal for all of the wireless router from each router manufacturer.


Before upgrading your network equipment, it is highly advisable to capture an image of the current setup to ease your task easily.


Checking the labeling of the ports connected before and after being highly advisable to avoid confusion especially for novice users.

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