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A good content on YouTube or twitch stream not only requires a good camera and video editing skills, a good microphone will determine your audio narration throughout the video. Often in general, we always complain that, the audio quality of the content creators was not nice and not up to the current standard, but, as a content creator of myself, I must say, if you use a low quality microphone, the process of editing the voice-over is complicated and consumes long process to be done.

Figure 1: The Razer Seiren X Microphone (After Setup w/ cable plugged in).

Looking at this, I’ve decided to give the RAZER SEIREN X Microphone a try. Let’s move deep into the review.


Before Unboxing

The packaging of the SEIREN X is sportive enough. With the combination of green and black color, the box has a striking attraction though. Simplistic design at its finest. The box seems to be built from a good quality card-box.

Figure 2: Front View.

The general feature of the SEIREN X was shown at the rear of the box. I must say, for microphone in its price range, this is considered as a decent feature.

Figure 3: Rear View.

On both side views, the box has fully green color covered with Razer font carved on the both sides.

Figure 4: Side View

After Unboxing

The unboxing process was done easily. The item arranged in an orderly manner. One of the best item arrangements I’ve seen so far.

Figure 5: The Razer Seiren X Microphone.
Figure 6: The Seiren X was taken out and put aside.

The given items are, the base of the Seiren X, the stand, and a USB cable.

Figure 7: The content of the box.

Overall, decent packaging and decent items were given. But no microphone foam cover? Seriously?


Figure 8: The specification of Seiren X – Source.


The stand of the Seiren X was built with a good quality material since, it contributes 30% of the total weight of the Seiren X. The bottom part of the Seiren X comes with a rubber to prevent the microphone from falling or moving apart when recording process or party process, in case, it is happening.

Figure 9: The stand of the Seiren X.

The bottom part of the microphone comes with a simple female USB receiver and a 3.5mm audio port for headphones. Do note that, when you plugged in the microphone, you can’t hear your voice from your speaker due to, it automatically directs your audio output via the headphone jack. To test it out, always plug in your headphone’s audio male jack to the female audio jack of the Seiren X.

Figure 10: The bottom view of the Seiren X.

The Seiren X can bend over according to the position you would like to it be.

Figure 11: The Seiren X after assembled.

The Seiren X comes with a simple volume knob for your headphone and the recording button. When the Seiren X is in the recording mode, the LED’s are in the green color.

Figure 12: The Seiren X ready in recording mode.

If you muted the recording mode, the LED’s will be in the red color.

Figure 13: The Seiren X muted.

The audio experience from Seiren X, is decent, I mean, decent in terms of crisp voice capture. I’ve used several cheap microphones so far, and I can say, by far, Seiren X is the best so far. But when comparing to my friend’s Blue Yeti microphone, Seiren X, not up to its level to be precise.



  1. Excellent build quality
  2. Small design – able to fit even into the smallest place.
  3. Simple and straightforward setup – You don’t need any special software to operate this microphone.
  4. Uses only USB cable and not the typical 3.5mm microphone male jack.
  5. Microphone automatically turns the audio output to headphone mode.
  6. Built in shock mount


  1. The Seiren X not up to standard as Blue Yeti microphone in terms of crisp voice capture.
  2. Expensive
  3. They didn’t give microphone foam cover – I mean it! Seriously thou?


Figure 14: Summary of the Seiren X.

Allow me to straight away finish this review in a paragraph, the Seiren X definitely worth for your money, however, it has some of its downsides too. If you’re looking for the best voice over for both your YouTube content or streaming games via Twitch, then, this is not….something for you. Do not take my word seriously, the sentence only for those who looking for a good quality microphone, then this is not something for them. Although this microphone has some excellent pros, however, it also does come with cons as well.

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