EDIFIER H850 Hi-Fi Headphone – Review

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Happy belated April Fool guys. Today, let’s have a look at one of the best headphone that I ever came across. EDIFIER H850 Hi-Fi Headphone. The headphone costs around RM159.00. From what I see, this is a simple headphone compared with Asus Cerberus Headphone which I’m currently using for my Asus G752VT gaming laptop. This headphone has heavy bass and suitable for the gamer. Besides that, this headphone doesn’t come with volume control, hence, you have to fully rely on the windows or your multimedia interface to control the volume. The obvious thing about this headphone is, this headphone does not come with a microphone, hence, only focuses on music lovers.


First, let brief through the packaging of this headphone.

The packaging was simple and nice. There is not much complex information or unwanted graphics given and mostly, it does follow the rule of “Keep it Short, Simple” or KISS term. Well done, EDIFIER.

Figure 3: The headphone jack port.


As mentioned in the introduction, this headphone doesn’t come with a microphone or a volume control knob compared to other reputable gaming headphones brands such as Asus, Logitech, HP, Razer and many more, but, the sound quality from this headphone, can be on the same par with gaming headsets that currently in the market.

Normally, since from the year 2008 until now, I always purchase EDIFIER speakers because of their speaker quality and I really do satisfied with their sound quality of their speakers which mainly focuses on music lovers.

Figure 4: The final view.


This headphone, simply the best in its price range. For music lovers, the headphone will perfectly suit for your needs to listen to high quality musics. Next, for gamer, you might find it hard to control the volume manually by changing the levels of your multimedia interface when gaming, but, the headphone will suit your gaming desire.

My final view on this headset is, though it is not a beast headphone, but it is comparable with high end headphones.

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