EDIFIER H840 The Best Stereo Headphone under RM110 ($27) – Review

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RM 108.90







Audio Quality





  • Highly affordable
  • Solid bass and crystal clear treble
  • Level of adjustment - 10
  • Able to fit in a small backpack
  • Excellent Build Quality


  • Ear-cup design might not suit for all ear sizes
  • Only two color option available

When it comes to privacy, we always opt for a real privacy in terms of location, the visual output and the audio output. Today, we are about to look at the hardware that deals with the audio to give you the best audio privacy at its best for the price below RM110 ($27).


EDIFIER H840 is a budget stereo headphone that targeted music lovers. The EDIFIER H840 is a younger brother of EDIFIER H850 headphone that we’ve reviewed previously. Unlike its higher end brother, the EDIFIER H840 slightly RM40 cheaper than the EDIFIER H850, priced at RM 159 ($39).

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The H840 were targeted towards audiophiles, tuned by Phil Jones of Pure Sound where, commonly known for offering a powerful boasting acoustic experience for audiophiles. By combining the elements of great crystal clear sound, ergonomic design and modern design to fit the most ear sizes, the H840 is a great fit for the audiophiles who wish to enjoy a decent music listening experience via a budget tight.


The headphone was packed in a hard plastic packaging and the front of the packaging was transparent, allowing the buyers to actually see the content and the color of the headphone, they are about to buy. Not a very impressive packaging yet, but, we applaud the minimalist design there by putting the highlighted feature at the front and multi-language description on the rear of the pack.

Next, we are looking at the standard accessories that comes along with the EDIFIER H840.

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Unlike other headphones in the market, the EDIFIER H840 only comes with a manual card as, there isn’t much accessories given here.

Highlighted Features

  • Hi-Fi over-the-ear headphones create powerful sound
  • Comfortable to wear all day long
  • Flip ear cup design ideal for travelling


Below are the specifications of the EDIFIER H840.

Frequency Response 20Hz~20kHz
Impedance 32Ω
Connector Type Straight
Sound Pressure Level 90dB
Cable Length 2.0m
Weight 200g (0.2KG)
Connector 3.5mm
Inline Control No
Driver Diameter 40mm

Now, let’s move into our experience of using the H840.


Setting up the headphone for first use is straightforward. The EDIFIER H840 not only compatible with laptop and PC, it is highly compatible with gaming consoles and smartphones with 3.5 mm audio port. Unlike higher end headphones, the EDIFIER H840 doesn’t comes with any software to tweak it, hence, it is highly advisable to tweak your equalizer settings for best performance. To be further added, the headphone needs a burning in session to produce an optimum audio quality.

A burning in session occurs when a speaker driver undergoes a serious testing of different types of song genre’s and movies in order to reach their peak performance as the speaker driver that comes from the factory is in its stiff and inflexible condition, which makes them to sound harsh during first use.

Before using the headphone, it is highly advisable to adjust the level to fit your head for optimum audio experience without giving a discomfort feeling.

Audio Experience

We’ve reached to the important part of our review here. The EDIFIER H840 was undergone burning out session for 2 hours continuously before reaching its peak performance. We’ve played few genre songs at a bitrate of 320 Kbps (highest audio quality currently), and, believe us or not, we are quite surprised with its audio quality. To make the game fair, we’ve tested the headphone on a budget laptop that comes with on-board sound-card and, by tweaking the equalizer to fit our listening experience.

We will kick off first with its bass output. Tuned by Phil Jones, an audio perfectionist, he did his job very well, as the bass output feels natural and real. The Hi-Fi over-ear provides real time sound for your enjoyment during listening to musics. The treble quality from the headphone feels slightly average, which can be further improved via tweaking the equalizer settings (bass – low / treble – high) to fit your needs. Watching a high quality movie via the headphone, we truly enjoy using the H840. Although it can’t match the superiority of the ROG Delta by ASUS, however, it does promises you a decent quality of audio.


Based on the graph plotted above, we can conclude among the three headphones we’ve tested so far, the EDIFIER H840 falls on the third place preceded by ROG Delta at the first place and EDIFIER H850 at the second place. The analysis can be accepted as, we are comparing it towards a super premium gaming headphone such as ROG Delta and mid-end headphone such as EDIFIER H850. The headphone was tested under a same condition via a budget laptop to get a clear picture in terms of performance and the audio quality given by the each tested headphone.

Issues Identified

Ear-cup Design

The oval shaped ear-cup design might not suitable for everyone, although it comes with adjustable level to use the headphone without any discomfort, however, using the headphone for a longer period of time, may cause discomfort for some people with different ear sizes.


We’ve reached the end of our review of EDIFIER H840. Firstly we will look in terms quality attributes of H840 majoring in affordability, usability and portability. In general, when it comes to affordability, the first thing that crosses our mind are, the price of a product. The EDIFIER H840 is highly affordable for most users who are in the range of students, freelancers, small business owners and budget users. Pricing at RM 108.90, the H840 falls in a lower end headphone with a premium audio experience due to it was tuned by Phil Jones from Pure Sound.


Next, the EDIFIER H840 weights 200g (0.2 Kg) which makes, it is highly portable. If you’re used to travel, then, you can bring the H840 as it fits most of the small backpacks. The headphone is also flexible, in other word, it can be cramped in a bag full of items as, it won’t broke easily due to its durability and the ability to withstand a moderate pressure (only if the bags were full of books, gadgets, food and etc.), this makes, the H840 is a cool headphone here.

Lastly, the usability of the EDIFIER H840 will be further divided into two parts. Audio quality and movie quality. The EDIFIER H840 suitable for everyone despite of its weird ear-cup design, which we personally feel won’t be suitable for the people with different ear sizes, however, it does promise you that, the delivery of the audio quality will be at its finest state. Yes, it does live up to its name. The audio quality from the headphone is good, and if you’re a movie lover, this headphone can deliver a decent quality of audio and, most of the dialogue can be caught up, marking it as the third best headphone we have tested so far.

To summarize in a single sentence, the EDIFIER H840 may look simple due to its simple design, but, it does every job thrown at it like charm, earning a trust from us, the best budget headphone below RM 110 ($27). Only two color options were available, namely blue and black. However, it is better if, white option were given as well.

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