How to enable IPv6 in ASUS Router? [Guide] – Experience IPv6 on ASUS routers

In this tutorial, we will be looking over the enabling the IPv6 connection in our ASUS router. To kindly remind you, regardless of the type of firmware your router currently running on, let it be ASUSWRT or Asus-Merlin, the process of setting up IPv6 is the same.

Step 1: Login to your ASUS router web setting page.

Key in in your browser’s address bar.

For high end gaming routers from ASUS such as AC86U, AC5300, GT-AX11000, your web setting page might be slightly different, yet, the process of setting up the IPv6 is the same.

Hit on the IPv6 tab at your left-side panel given.

Standard web setting page of ASUS routers.

Before we proceed to set up the IPv6 connection, let us test first in order to know, we’re on the right track. There are several free tools available over the internet to conduct a testing, particularly to test the IPv6 connectivity. I always recommend test-ipv6 to test your status of IPv6 connection.

Before setting up the IPv6.

Step 2: Select IPv6 Connection profile

Once the IPv6 tab was clicked, you will be directed to the IPv6 setting page. Do not fear if you see the ‘Disable’ option. You can choose any of these three profile further.

  • WAN (PPPoE), Select ‘Native‘ as IPv6 Connection type
  • WAN (Automatic IP), Select ‘Passthrough‘ as IPv6 Connection type
  • WAN (Static IP), Select ‘Static / Static IPv6‘ as IPv6 Connection type
Native profile was selected.

For this tutorial, I will choose the ‘Native’ as my preferred IPv6 connection type.

Now, at IPv6 DNS setting, you can further opt to use your standard ISP’s IPv6 address, click on apply button [you can proceed to reboot your router] or, if you wish to customize your preferred DNS server, then, click on ‘Disable‘ button.


You can further pick the IPv6 address from DNS providers out there. For this tutorial, I will be selecting CloudFlare’s IPv6 address as my preferred DNS.

CloudFlare IPv6 DNS address keyed in.

Key in the given IPv6 address in the given field and once the credentials were fulfilled, proceed to click on the ‘Apply‘ button. You can proceed to reboot your router after this.

Step 4: Testing the IPv6 Connection via 

Now, in order to test if you’d successfully enabled IPv6 connection in your ASUS router, hit on the test-ipv6 test page to conduct a testing over the IPv6 connectivity.

IPv6 connectivity result = SUCCESSFUL.


It is really easy to enable the IPv6 connectivity over your ASUS routers. Do remember that, the IPv6 connection only enhances routing and improves security over IPv4, but, will not improve your current subscribed internet package (bandwidth utilization).

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6 comments on “How to enable IPv6 in ASUS Router? [Guide] – Experience IPv6 on ASUS routers

  1. I REALLY wanna know where this alleged “passthrough” option is…

  2. Chris Hartley

    That’s all very good, but some of the options you’ve shown do not appear on my router (DSL-AC55U), that is, the three boxes (PPP, DHCP-PD, Accept default route) and the information is not disseminated via DHCP which means that clients cannot access IPV6 sites. I’ve ensured that I have the latest available firmware. Documentation refers to release but the latest available for my router is
    I’ve queried this with Asus, they repeat what you’ve said, but the simple fact is that on the DSL-AC55U the options are not there and IPv6 does not work. I’m sure that their support guys want to help, but I think the software guys are either confused or lying about what they’ve actually released on which devices.

  3. Chris Hartley

    It is now with Asus HQ/tech team for investigation.
    Personally, I think the debug line in the log “dnsmasq compile option -noipv6” might have something to do with it…

    • Chris Hartley

      Finally got a reply from Asus – return it to vendor for repair or replacement.
      But it is now out of warranty by the vendor, and the repair needed is a firmware which works.

      If this is how Asus deal with their customers it’s the last time I’ll be buying anything from Asus.

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