ASUS AiProtection [Guide] – How to enable AiProtection on your ASUS Wireless Router?

ASUS is one of the reputable brands out there, especially when it comes to desktop components and peripherals. In addition, they proved to have their own capability of producing highest quality network equipment, both for home based and business based consumer. ASUS was widely known as, the one of very few manufacturer that still supports their old wireless router let it be an N based or AC based, despite of being more than 5 years, receiving firmware support before specific models were actually reached their EOL status.

One special thing about ASUS wireless router apart from AiMesh is their real-time network protection called, AiProtection. AiProtection is a special feature that comes with commercial grade security and, it is really FREE for lifetime.

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Today, I am about to teach on how to enable ASUS’s AiProtection on your ASUS router. The process is pretty straightforward and easy. I will show the proper step by step for both expert and novice users. This process can be done either once you’ve successfully setup your newly purchased ASUS wireless router, or you’re actually not aware of such feature available in your ASUS wireless router, although the second situation is quite rare to take place.

How to enable AiProtection (Activate)

Step 1:

Log in to your web UI of your wireless router.

Standard look of your Web UI of your ASUS wireless router.

Step 2:

Next, click on the “AiProtection” panels located on your left, and, you will be shown two options of the sub-feature available in the AiProtection.

Two sub-feature offered in AiProtection.

Click on the ‘Network Protection‘ sub-feature.

Step 3:

Once the Network Protection sub-feature was clicked, you will be directed to the sub-feature’s layout, showing the standard features offered in this sub-feature. Normally, the AiProtection will be in an inactive (turned off) by default. You’ve to manually turn on it.

AiProtection in an Inactive state.

The process is pretty simple here. Enable the feature by sliding the ‘Off‘ button to its ‘On‘ state. A license agreement of Trend Micro agreement will pops up and, click on the ‘Agree‘ button.

End user license agreement pops up – A standard procedure of getting agreement from the user.

Once you’ve agreed to its agreement, the system will take less than 10 seconds to activate the feature. One good thing about AiProtection is, it lets you know your current security state (user’s side), via its Router Security Assessment feature.

Situation 1

The image below shows the actual result of the router assessment status.

You can further see the states of each secured option via clicking on the ‘Scan’ button.

Situation 2

Now, this is the most common situation, most users would go through once they’ve activated their AiProtection feature.

I’ve to inform that, you don’t really have to worry if your router security assessment shows that only few options were properly secured. This is because, you still can achieve the ‘Safe’ status by clicking the ‘No‘ indicator at each option given resulted from your router security assessment feature. It will automatically direct you to the dedicated feature page.

Example when I hover the mouse at the ‘No‘ indicator.

As an example, when I click on the ‘No‘ indicator of WPS feature, it directs me to Wireless > WPS page to disable the feature to further secure my home network. However, in some cases, most network experts, and gamers might need to enable port forwarding feature for your special needs, and, still, the AiProtection will protect your device from the attacks from the internet.

How to disable AiProtection (Deactivate)

I don’t wish my anonymous data to be shared to Trend Micro’s database. Is there any possible way to do this? Yes, you can, but, in return you have to disable the AiProtection feature as well.

Step 1:

Click on ‘Administration‘ feature located on your bottom left of your Web UI. Click on the ‘Privacy‘ sub-feature.

AiProtection can be disabled here.

Step 2:

Click on the ‘Withdraw‘ button. A popup indicator will pop up notifying you that, do you still wish to opt out of the feature, click on ‘OK‘ button.


The AiProtection will be automatically disabled once you’ve withdrawn from using the Trend Micro service. However, you still can enable the AiProtection feature anytime at your will by following the above steps in the How to Enable AiProtection section.


There are several issues regarding the privacy concern regarding AiProtection. I would like to emphasize here that, your daily routine (data) on the internet won’t be sent directly to Trend Micro’s database, as, it only aimed to improve the detection rate of the AiProtection via the data of the malware’s hovering around the specific website was sent to Trend Micro’s database. Your personal data, browsing history (in detail) or any banking credentials won’t be sent.

Unlike AiMesh feature, the AiProtection feature was supported in Asus-Merlin firmware. So, in case if you opt for Asus-Merlin firmware for customization you still have access and can enable / disable the feature anytime, at your will.

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  1. Hello,
    can Aiprotection affect using vpn client on asus router !!

    • Hi brother,

      Based on my own test, during the testing of ipleak done using surfshark vpn installed in the router itself, I was using AiProtection. In laymen term, the AiProtection feature was on all over the time.

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