Jabra GN: Working from Home – Steps needed to be taken care of to maximize the productivity

Jabra GN: Working from Home - Steps needed to be taken care of to maximize the productivity

Jabra GN: Working from Home - Malaysians prefer to work from home, remotely.

With rising living costs, Malaysians opting themselves to work remotely from home as some companies allow policies to safeguard the health and wellness of their employees in utmost priority. With the standard nine-to-five daily routine, most of the people often wish to curling up on a couch at home and working remotely, but a dream, is a dream, a wish, is a wish. Asking the individuals who worked remotely from home, they are often referring of being own boss as they can fade away the unwanted disturbance, avoiding the standard morning routine to be the first one on the road, constant changes in requirements before executing the projects and communication issues that run in their head.

Thankfully, there are a few steps that can be taken by the individuals who working remotely from home and Jabra GN would like to share some of their ideas with you:

Jabra GN: Working from Home - Setting up a suitable workplace at home

Firstly, setting up a space is very crucial as it will leads the success in executing your productivity and creativity on the level. Working from home divides the line in between the personal and professional parts of your life. This space reflects the type of your working environment as the goal is to maximize the comfort and minimize the amount of distraction. Recommended platforms such as Atap.co or Makeover Guys can help in execution of setting up a proper, creative and professional work space at home.

Next, sticking to the schedule is a big challenge that had to faced by individuals working remotely. This is due to the flexibility  of working from home can lead to temptation and further leads to procrastination that will affect your productivity at some point. Tools such as Google Tasks or Todoist can assist in terms of scheduling the tasks for the day. As to reward the level of your patience on completing a task, you can treat yourself using platforms such as GrabFood for their ongoing deals and promos, thanks to technologies that made life much easier.

Jabra GN: Working from Home - Change your working atmosphere

Playing around with minds can increase the productivity. This can be done via changing the atmosphere to suit the scenery of work space that fooled your mind. If that isn’t possible, then a third-wave cafes are popular hangout places. Some individuals enjoy working in public places rather than working in a dull environment from home. However, these solutions often come with the danger of bumping into the old friends or acquaintances that suddenly hanging out with you without no reason. Favorably, Common Ground, Worg and Colony are a few of recommended co-working spaces that proffer hot-desks, cubicle and awesome room arrangements for the perfect best match in between flexibility and privacy.

Jabra GN: Working from Home - Gossiping with your friends lead to a happier productivity execution

Staying in touch with friends is hard these days, with exceptionally in rising of living costs, people stay focused more on working and working to earn more cash. As to get rid of the boredom from striking you, you will be needing a right gear to accomplish this task. Ranging from a simple makeover from Pasu houseplants to oxygenate the working environment at home to the right professional gear such as a Jabra headset to keep in touch with your working colleagues, friends or even business clients. Working remotely from home can be one of an effective solution to increase the level of productivity and saving more time to stay focused on the work by granting a better flexibility to balance the productivity life, personal life and keeping the wellness of the employee to lead the success of the company.

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