Internet Service Provider – ISP EXPLAINED! What is an ISP? How do they contribute to us?

An internet service provider is also known as an ISP, provides an access to the internet via a subscription-based service. The ISP’s usually plants their own infrastructure to provide their service to the end users. This infrastructure often generally known as cables, i.e. fibre cables, copper cables, etc. Some ISP’s do provide a satellite based internet service, although it is not highly recommended for the hardcore users and often served to those who live outside of the town, such as in a rural area’s. Picking up a right internet service provider is hard, however, with a proper method, you can experience a better internet experience. Breaking down the two major infrastructure commonly used by the ISP’s, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Differences Infrastructure
Optical Fibre Copper
Bandwidth > 1Pbps 100 ~ 150 Mbps
Distance 2000 metres single-node max
2000 metres multi-node max
100 meters max
Interferrences Immune Non-immune
Latency Low High
Security Impossible to be tapped
in some conditions such as construction, the cable can be susceptible
Easily tapped i.e voltage surges
Flexibility Easily broken Yes
Costs Cheap Expensive
Lifespan Longer est. 40 years and above 4 to 5 years max
Residential Type Residential Areas
High-rise buildings
Under-developed residential areas i.e. rural areas
Old buildings

Generally, most ISP’s assigns their users with a public IP address for residential users and a private IP address for business organizations. Some ISP’s assigns a private IP address for the home users with a lower bandwidth subscription or location of the user currently resides.

How do the Internet Service Provider contributes in our daily life?

Besides pumping out the cash from our pockets to pay for the packages, ISP’s generally causes more good than harm. An ISP provides a gateway for you to get connected to the internet. These activities can be further further categorize as general browsing, research, streaming media, communication and etc. The internet can be further split into three major categories, surface web used commonly by the public, deep web used by the governments and dark web where the illegal activities took place. The internet provides you the gateway to this three world.

What are the downside of an Internet Service Provider?

The ISP’s often provide the users with their default DNS server as standard. However, the users can customize this option through their residential gateway (router) or via the client-device side. It is recommended to always use third-party privacy based DNS provider such as Cloudflare for their best response time compared to other DNS providers out there.

Next, no ISP’s in the world promises zero-downtime to their subscribers. If an unexpected event took place such as DNS hijacking (if you use their standard DNS server), the process of recovery may take time depends on the respective ISP’s network engineer. Next, if the cables broken due to construction, the process of repairing it may take longer time depending on the third-party contractor assigned by the respective ISP’s. Another major downside of an ISP’s is, cable cut occurs in the region of the ocean. This will cause higher latency or even cut the communication between the servers.

The process of planting an infrastructure, especially fibre cables may take time depending on the demands or the state of the area i.e. developing or developed. Usually, the residents in the city may have chances to experience a higher speed internet due to the fibre infrastructure availability compared to those who unfortunate may have to stick up with copper-based infrastructure or mobile-broadband.

The internet service provider often monitor and logs your online traffic. This makes all your online activity visible in your ISP’s eyes. To solve this, few extra measures can be taken to reduce the logging activity by the ISP’s, being one of the most commonly used method is to subscribe to a reliable virtual private network (VPN) service.


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