How to pick an Internet Service Provider? An ultimate guide on experiencing a better internet service

Generally, picking an internet service provider usually a tough decision to be made. This is due to, most ISP’s bound their customers with 24-month contracts, however, in some special cases, there will be a minimum of 12-month contract or may not. In the era of 2010, Malaysians was first introduced high speed fibre broadband known as unifi by Telekom Malaysia. The offered packages are ranges from 5Mbps to 20Mbps with symmetrical speed. In the earlier stages of UniFi, it receives rave reviews from the users before the service was welcomed by the Malaysian as the time passes moves by. Conversely, more ISP’s join the fibre venture later in the years.

As per 2019, a total of 6 identified fibre service provider widely available in Malaysia, the list are as follows:

Fibre Service Provider Packages & Price Website
  • 30Mbps/5Mbps (Quota) – RM 79.00
  • 30Mbps/5Mbps – RM 89.00
  • 100Mbps/50Mbps- RM 129.00
  • 100Mbps/50Mbps w/ TV Bundle – RM 159.00
  • 300Mbps/50Mbps – RM 199.00
  • 30Mbps/30Mbps – RM 89.99
  • 100Mbps/50Mbps – RM 129.00
  • 300Mbps/50Mbps – RM 149.00
  • 500Mbps/100Mbps – RM 219.00
  • 800Mbps/200Mbps – RM 299.00
  • 100Mbps/100Mbps – RM 99.00
  • 500Mbps/500Mbps – RM 139.00
  • 1Gbps/500Mbps – RM 199.00
TIME Internet Malaysia
  • 30Mbps/30Mbps – RM 80.00
  • 100Mbps/100Mbps – RM 120.00
  • 50Mbps – RM 99.00
  • 100Mbps – RM 129.00
  • 500Mbps – RM 159.00
  • 1Gbps – RM 189.00
City Broadband
Only for Cyberjaya Residents
  • 50Mbps/50Mbps – RM 79.00
  • 100Mbps/100Mbps – RM 99.00
  • 500Mbps/500Mbps – RM 139.00
  • 1Gbps/1Gbps – RM 199.00
City Broadband

Internet fibre service provider in Malaysia – Source. We didn’t include services such as Connectme, a satellite service based ISP that focuses majorly on the place without 4G and fibre service as this ISP not really recommended by most users.

This guide is applicable to the international readers as well, depending your fibre service provider in the respective countries.” – Arun.

The first step towards an enjoyable blazing high speed internet experience begins with the location of availability of the fibre service or in other word, the service coverage area. Location plays a vital role in providing you the best service. The best supportive statement is, if your residential area located in a developed city such as Kuala Lumpur, then you will be getting a first-class treatment in terms of internet speed and after sales-technician support. Most ISP committed to focus on developed cities rather than developing and underdeveloped cities. Location…location…and…location.

ISPGuide - 4
Time Fibre Residential support – Source.

Your residential type is one of the contributing factors towards a better internet experience. For landed residents, fibre services are widely available for them. The same principle won’t be applicable to high-rise residents who resides inside an apartment or a condominium. You should be well-aware of your apartment’s cable infrastructure. If your apartment has fibre infrastructure, then you’re ready to experience a blazing speed of internet experience. If your apartment is still using copper infrastructure, then you can’t really subscribe to fibre services. Only one in a thousand users able to customize their apartment’s infrastructure by pulling the fibre cable from another area.

ISPGuide - 2
Promotion by unifi #khabarbaik Contest – Source.

Next, pay attention towards the package by offering by the respective ISP’s especially on promotions of a fibre services. In the recent years, a minimum of 30Mbps of internet bandwidth marked as standard entry level of internet speed. One important factor needed to be considered is the type of speed offers, i.e. symmetrical or asymmetrical internet speed. In Malaysia, most ISP’s offers asymmetrical speed and only few services such as Time (for their 100Mbps & 500Mbps packages) and City Broadband are offering symmetrical speed. Why this is important? A good live-streaming activity may require up to 25Mbps and more for a better lag-free experience. We personally using 800Mbps/200Mbps package from unifi and we’re truly satisfied with the stability of the internet. Always stay focus on the total contract duration and the terms and condition of the service provider. It is really important if you don’t like to continue using the service, how much penalty charges awaits you in the future if your contract is still active.

ISPGuide - 1
List of equipment’s given to the customer by unifi. – Source.

An equipment’s plays an important role in promising a stable fibre internet. In general, most internet service providers may supply a really basic AC1200 wireless router. ISP’s like Maxis and TIME gives out Mesh Wi-Fi’s as an alternative to further enhance the wireless coverage for those who subscribed to a higher package. These routers are heavily customized to fit the service provider’s protocol. In most cases, the users will settle down with the stock supplied equipment’s by ISP’s due to budget constraint. We don’t really recommend the user to use the stock supplied router by your ISP’s as it is insecure. Most ISP’s won’t really bother about fixing bugs and enhance the security feature for their routers. For a better control towards your equipment’s and strengthen your privacy when browsing, it is advisable to buy a third party router.

If you’re planning to set up your own home monitoring system, i.e. CCTV or using the fibre services mainly for p2p (torrenting) or games that requires port-forwarding feature, it is highly advisable to pick a fibre service provider that offers public IP instead of private IP. As an example, unifi’s 30Mbps Basic Plan with 60GB/month package only gives private IP while other higher end packages offer public IP’s. If your ISP provides you with a private IP, then you can negotiate with them to provide you with a public IP and mostly, the request from the user’s side will be granted.

ISPGuide - 5
Time Internet – An example of on-going discussion in between the customer & provider.

When you’re subscribing to a fibre service, you will be solely responsible for your choice. This is very important as, not all ISP will promise you a zero-downtime. When your internet service is down, the first representative you will rang up is the customer service. It is highly advisable to visit ISP’s official social media pages to check out the comments from the existing users that currently subscribing to their packages. If you’re lucky, you might find out your own neighbor complaining about the service in the comments section.¬†Always pick the ISP’s with least complaints from the users.

Participating in an active forum is a good idea where you can really share your knowledge and experience of using the fibre services towards others. This allows other users to get a basic troubleshoot knowledge’s and a proper solution to their problem with their respective ISP’s. Below are the recommended official thread dedicated for the each ISP’s in Malaysia, currently; – unifi, maxisONE, TIME Fibre and City Broadband. Only celcom and DiGi fibre haven’t own respective official thread for them, yet. The ISP’s start to charge their users if a technician were required to be sent to their premises to solve an issue. Participating in forum allows you to prepare a basic troubleshooting guide to solve the issue persist by yourself first and if a technician needed, then the next step of solving the issues can be carried out.

One of the challenging faced by most users is, when they have to shift to a newer place if they’re new to fibre internet service and in dilemma of choosing a right internet service provider. One of the simplest technique is to conduct an informal survey. This informal survey doesn’t really require a questionnaire form as it can be carried out, verbally. You can inquire further into the details of the ISP’s available, the stability of the service during peak hours, total downtime in a month (important if you’re a heavy user and often work remotely), customer service and the price of the packages. Pick the ISP service that receives least negative reviews. For a better self-satisfaction, kindly request your new neighbor (or old) to test their fibre services speedtest during peak hour and normal hours and streaming performance to get a better analysis output to make a better decision.

To summarize the article up, there is no so called, best fibre service provider in the world. Every internet service provider has their own ups and down. In the end, the responsibilities lies on our shoulder to pick a right fibre service provider to avoid the dissatisfaction caused by subscribing towards a poor fibre service provider and put the blame solely on the ISP’s it-self.

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