ASUS AC68U DIY Treatment to prepare a good heat-flow from the router for longevity performance


Today, I’ve just received a pair of USB powered mini fan that was specially made for ASUS router, to be precise, for these supported models, AC68U and AC86U. I’ve planned to give a minor treatment to improve the heat-flow that emitted from my ASUS AC68U router for longevity and improves the router performance, thus, can reduce the router’s chip-set dies from excessive heat dissipated.

Accessories that come in the box.

Since most wireless router was made to run 24/7, hence, it is actually possible to extend your wireless router lifespan by taking several steps. One of the steps are, improving the airflow of your wireless router. Heat definitely can kill your wireless router, slowly, but, installing this won’t make your wireless router to be immortal, it is just serves a purpose to improve the airflow of the heat released internally from the router to the environment, especially in closed environment such as in server room or inside the room.

Rear view of AC68U.

The package comes with a dual fan powered by a single USB male connector, dual dust filters, 8 Philips screws and four permanent stickers. Total time taken for assembling this is around 10 minutes, which worth of your pennies you’ve invested on.

Assembled parts of the USB cooling fan.

The process of assembling the USB cooling fan is pretty straight forward. I won’t be using the dust filter given in order the router will be stored in my server rack. Mind you that, by installing this, you won’t void the warranty of your supported routers (AC68U & AC86U) as, you only screw the metal filter into the slot available and attach the USB cooler to the rear of the router by sticking it with the case and it won’t even cause a scratch that can makes the rear view of the router awful.

Result from the DIY experiment

Now, let’s have a look at the outcome of this experiment.

Before Installing

Before installing USB Cooling fan.

Although I didn’t experience any downtime when using this router, I personally feel that, this is an awesome router. To increase its longevity to serve me, I’ve taken a precaution to improve the heat-flow from the heat-sink, internally located at the rear of the wireless router.

After Installing

After installing USB Cooling fan.

After I install the USB Cooling fan, I can see the reduction in temperature of the AC68U. The differences I observed after installing this USB Cooling fan is, the router stays cooler compared to previously which, I personally can feel the heat on the casing of the router. Performance does increase slightly such as wireless performance and wired performance. The download speed increase slightly higher compared to previously. The wireless coverage also increases slightly and, the wireless connection is much more stable although the distance between the client device and the router is, far.


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By investing your money to a top end wireless router like AC68U, you will be definitely wish to do everything you could to ensure you always be receiving the best performance for the money you’ve paid for, when it comes to networking equipment’s. This DIY guide only intends to improve the airflow and reduce the chip-set’s from dying due to excessive heat dissipated and increase the longevity of your wireless router. The outcome from this experiment is positive, and yes, it does increase your wireless router performance.

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