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What is a modem and a router? What differentiates them?

“Hello… I have a problem with my modem, the wireless connection seems to be giving me a problem” –  this is the most common complaint lodged at each ISP’s customer service center. Now, there is a slight report on your error where, you have often mistaken the router as a modem. Today, let’s see what

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I own a Gigabit Wireless Router, I am not hitting 1Gbps on LAN. Why?

In general, we have few major ISP’s Provider here, in Malaysia. With TIME being the “King of the fastest internet”, offering up to 1Gbps in their recent plans for high rise building equipped with fibre, UniFi however, conquer most of the residential areas and be the “King of the residential area” internet provider. Most of

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You’ve been turbo’ed? Wondering what kind of wireless router you should upgrade with?

Most of the Unifi users are now enjoying their turbo upgrade already, and, TIME had taken, a silent step on upgrading the speed for their users up to 1 Gbps. However, for higher bandwidth subscribers, you might not fully enjoy the speed upgrade in terms of physical connection or wireless connection especially. Recently, few router

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