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ASUS BLUE-CAVE AC2600 DUAL BAND WIRELESS ROUTER [The best buck router you can get!!!]

Good day everyone. “I would like to thank ASUS MALAYSIA for supplying the review sample“, – TechCyn. Today we are going to look on ASUS BLUE-CAVE AC2600 Dual-Band Wireless Router. Brand: ASUS Model: BLUE-CAVE AC2600 Firmware version: (Latest pre-loaded out of the box) ISP Package: UniFi-Pro 100Mbps (100dl/50ul) (Thank you Surprise) Start Date: 1 April 2018 End

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TP-LINK ARCHER C3150v2 – Review

Brand: tp-link (New Logo) Model: Archer C3150 Version: V2 Latest Firmware ver.: Archer C3150(US)_V2_170926 Subscribed Internet Package: UniFi Pro 100 Mbps (Thank You Surprise) Start Test Date: 5 March 2018 End Test Date: 12 March 2018 Test Duration (days): 7 Days Number of uptime days (w/out reboot): A week (still counting) #1 PACKAGING This is

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