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ASUS Lyra Voice Smart Voice Router Review – Smart Tri Band Mesh Router and Bluetooth Speaker with built in Amazon Alexa

The Lyra Voice is the latest addition to Mesh Wi-Fi router in ASUS’s Lyra class. Powered by a quad core Qualcomm IPQ4019 @ 717MHz CPU, it is a tri band wireless router that has latest 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless standard. Assisting the CPU, the Lyra Voice comes with 512MiB of memory. Similar with Google Wi-Fi,

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ASUS Lyra Trio Mesh Wi-Fi System – Expand your network in equal subscribed bandwidth | REVIEW

OVERVIEW The Mesh Wireless Routers aren’t considered as a new technology. Reason? When we used to visit the hospitals, universities, government offices used these technologies as well to enlarge their wireless access to the public.   Imagine, you’ve purchased a bungalow or a Semi-D houses, and you wish to cover your entire house with the

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ASUS AiMesh – Mesh Wi-Fi Router alternative | Review

OVERVIEW Living in a huge house, but less wireless coverage does really concern most users. Some, may, overcome the weak wireless coverage by purchasing a power line or a repeater as a solution. However, some, may not satisfy with the performance of the wireless, as the dead-spots still available at their houses. In order to

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