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TP-LINK Deco Mesh Series: Setting Up Internet for First Use – A guide to setup Deco Mesh System through TP-LINK Deco Application

TP-LINK Deco Mesh Series: Setting Up Internet for First Use - A guide to setup Deco Mesh System through TP-LINK Deco Application

TP-LINK is one of a very few manufacturer that leads when it comes to a budget networking gear. Their targeted market of providing networking solution solely on home-consumer and enterprise-based environment. Their all new mesh solution begins from the Deco series up to their upcoming AX-mesh solution. Unlike their rival, their mesh solution is currently

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How to enable IPv6 in ASUS Router? [Guide] – Experience IPv6 on ASUS routers

In this tutorial, we will be looking over the enabling the IPv6 connection in our ASUS router. To kindly remind you, regardless of the type of firmware your router currently running on, let it be ASUSWRT or Asus-Merlin, the process of setting up IPv6 is the same. Related Guide: Setting up ISP Profile for First

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ASUS Merlin Firmware [Guide] – How to flash your ASUS wireless router to Asus-Merlin firmware?

A manufacturer’s success is not on the look of the product they’ve delivered to the end user, but, the initiative taken to provide an excellent support for their products for a specific amount of time. ASUS proved their commitment to provide the best for their end user as, all of their products, constantly receiving software

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ASUS AiProtection [Guide] – How to enable AiProtection on your ASUS Wireless Router?

ASUS is one of the reputable brands out there, especially when it comes to desktop components and peripherals. In addition, they proved to have their own capability of producing highest quality network equipment, both for home based and business based consumer. ASUS was widely known as, the one of very few manufacturer that still supports

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ASUS AiMesh [Guide] – How to setup AiMesh on your ASUS Wireless Router?

This is tutorial for the users who are using an ASUS wireless router. ASUS had introduced a feature called AiMesh to extend your wireless coverage within your home. For today’s tutorial, I will be using two wireless router from ASUS, modelled an AC68U and the latest AX88U. Related Article: AiMesh – Worth for your hard

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ASUS Wireless Router [Guide] – Setting up ISP Profile for First Use

This tutorial solely made for Malaysian ISP’s, internet profile. The beauty of ASUS wireless routers is, their firmware was made globally and, no matter in which respective countries you’re, you can always follow this guide and set up your ASUS router. Related Article: Cable Placement for ISP’s Modem This tutorial can be used for both

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