EDIFIER R12U USB Speaker, worth or not? | REVIEW

Recently, I sold out my Logitech Z313 since I already bought a new gaming PC. But, I still need to use my old PC for testing purposes, by doing so, I need a medium to convert the electrical energy to mechanical energy (motion) from computer via speaker. After conducting few google searches, I came across with a 2.0 speaker powered by USB, it seems. Well, without taking time to think, I rush to a shop, Nxygen at Jusco Equine Park and bought a pair of EDIFIER R12U, a USB powered 2.0 speaker.

If you’re planning to buy this speaker, then you can directly buy from their official website as, they’re having a discount from the actual price of the speaker for a limited amount of time.


The box is quite handy and cute. EDIFIER R12U is a 2.0 USB powered speaker, they’re so handy until, they can even fit in the smallest place or desk of yours either beside the laptop or your computer monitor. This speaker is suitable for PC’s and laptops.

Figure 1: The speaker.

Currently, they’re offering three main colors, red, black and white. For this speaker review, I’ve chosen the white color.


Before Un-Boxing

The box is not too big and able to fit into my motorcycle basket like a charm. So, you don’t really need a car to buy this speaker if you decided to buy directly from the authorized dealer of your choice.

After Un-Boxing

Believe or not, this speaker feels heavy. Trust me, when I hold the box, I don’t feel much weight, but after I unbox the speaker, the speaker feels solid and slightly heavy. I’ve used a pair of Creative SBS 245 before, but, this speaker feels heavier than them.

Figure 6: The speaker w/ a USB cable and a 3.5mm audio jack attached.

The casing of the speaker feels premium, perhaps, one of the reasons why, this speaker feels solid.

Figure 7: The closer look of the given input cable.


The setting up process of the speaker is not hard. It is very easy as the speaker comes with a single USB cable and a 3.5mm audio jack. To fully use this speaker, plug in the USB cable to any USB port(s) in your computer to powered it on, and, plug in the 3.5mm audio cable to the audio jack of your computer.

Figure 8: The speaker I/O control.


Well, in general my first impression towards the speaker is, this speaker might have a weak bass. So, I decided to buy the speaker for a test. After all the proper process was done, I powered up the speaker using the USB cable attached to the USB 3.0 port back in my second PC. I will divide this section for bass, clarity and balance audio.

Figure 9: The driver.


The bass is decent for a USB powered speaker. Not the best so far when compared with other 2.0 speakers out there, but, simply outclassed USB powered speakers out there. The driver really punches some basses and there is air that flows out of the bass reflex port.


The clarity of the speaker wins here. The vocal quality from the speaker is absolutely good. I just like it whenever I powered on the speaker. For such speaker, I am amazed at how such small speaker can produce such vocal clarity.


When both bass and clarity was played at the same time, well, it is slightly decent. I must say, though this is a cheap speaker, but, it does present a good amount audio quality to me.

Earbuds & Headset / Headphone Experience

It is really easy to plug into the available audio jack port that located at the left of the volume knob. For this, you don’t really need to be powered up the speaker. An audio jack of your earbuds or headset can be directly plugged into the port and can be used immediately.

The test was done via a pair of EDIFIER H180 and EDIFIER H850 Hi-Fi headphone. The audio quality was nice, along with a solid bass and vocal clarity.

Okay, now, some respective individuals might questioning me, yes, the audio quality sure will be nice by directly plugged into the PC as well. But, to solve the riddle, I tested by myself by plug in directly to PC audio port and the speaker audio port. I will explain in the analysis of the differences between these two methods.

The differences:

  • Plugged directly to the PC audio jack: The audio quality is terrible.
  • Plugged into the audio jack of the speaker: The audio quality is superb.

Overall Analysis of the Audio Quality

I turned to speaker to its maximum volume, and, amazed at how good the drivers of the speaker do the work. The bass was slightly distorted for some songs, but, overall, the music is playable even at the maximum volume.

For movie users, this speaker may not made for you as, it only gives the decent vocal and slightly distorted bass, and at some point, the vocal can’t be heard clearly and I need to increase the volume slightly higher to solve the problem.

This will be a common question from the end users. Do this speaker suitable if, I am using the on-board soundcard. Well, here is the answer. This speaker did a good job in my second PC powered by the onboard soundcard. Here is a simple tip, “If you wish for a good audio quality, you should tweak your equalizer settings of your respective soundboard manufacturer“.



  • Cheap and affordable
  • Excellent quality for its price range
  • Good driver quality (feels solid and premium)
  • Loud audio playable
  • Solid volume button
  • Having a single 3.5mm audio jack port for headphone users.


  • As the volume goes up, the bass seems to be slightly distorted but, not much.
  • Only three color options were given.


Being a bass head personally, I accept this speaker with an open heart and will be using this speaker for my second PC. I must kindly remind that, this speaker won’t fit for gamers as, the bass outcome from the speaker is not up to other standard 2.0 speakers.

Figure 10: The left-driver of the speaker.

If you’re a student by any chance or working in a office, well, this speaker, definitely for you.

My recommendations (For USB powered speakers): 9/10


EDIFIER E3100 – Best 2.1 Budget Speaker | REVIEW

Hello everyone.

For most music lovers, they tend to choose a good speaker, let it be 2.0 Bookshelf Speaker, or for bass lovers, 2.1 Speaker system. The common thing that differentiates for an audio quality from the speaker is, the price. In general, high end speaker tends to give out perfect audio quality both for movies, gaming and music. However, low end speakers tend to give out average audio quality for movies, gaming and music.

Today, let’s see one of the best budget 2.1 speaker from EDIFIER, the Edifier E3100. The speakers were one of the most successful speaker that still rocks for 11 years in the Malaysian market. According to the official website, there is no stock for both orange and blue version.

External Link: Youtube (Sound test)

E3100 Color: Orange

Price: RM229 (inclusive GST)


Before Un-boxing

After Un-boxing


For the price, you get what you paid for. In other word, the build quality of this speaker at its best.

Satellite Speaker

The satellite speaker does come with a 3-inch mid-range driver along with a 3/4 – inch tweeter.

Figure 16: The “High Quality” audio cable.

I am amazed, for the price of the speaker, the given audio cable is a high quality cable at its class.


The sub-woofer comes with a 5-inch woofer unit encased in a wooden enclosure for effectively preventing resonance.

Quick view on the specifications:

Figure 19: The specification of the EDIFIER E3100.




  • Solid bass (suitable for high volume).
  • Crystal clear audio.
  • Suitable for gamers.
  • Suitable for movies.
  • Don’t need a sound-card to maximize its performance (major plus point).
  • High quality audio cable for such price.
  • The satellite speaker was wall-mountable.


  • Poor volume knob and power button quality
  • No audio jack for mp3 users.

#4 FAQ

Do you need sound-card to maximize the speaker audio quality performance?

No. Even an on-board sound-card is sufficient to maximize the audio quality. The important thing is, you should know on how to tweak the equalizer. I will further explain in the final verdict section.


Firstly, this speaker was well built. Most of the EDIFIER speakers do come with awesome design that not only serves as an audio pleasure, but as well as visual pleasure.

Secondly, when it comes to speaker, the main thing that concerned us is, the audio quality. I must say, the audio quality from this speaker is very awesome. In other word, the bass were solid and the clarity was crystal clear. Whenever I do my work, I always used to listen to A.R.Rahman songs. A.R.Rahman songs tend to make some people feel like they are in the “heaven” by listening to the melody. But, with EDIFIER E3100, you can fully experience the heaven in your room with such a nice crystal clear audio with solid bass.

Finally, if you are using an on-board soundcard, then, no worries, the speaker does perform well. If you’re using a sound-card, then it is a major plus point for you to fully experience the audio quality from the speaker.

As for my final word, you get what you paid for. EDIFIER not only concern for their audio quality, as well as their motto, “A passion for sound”, but, they make sure their motto delivered to the user that worth for their bucks.

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EDIFIER R1000T4 (The best budget 2.0 Speaker in the market)- REVIEW

Good day everyone. Today, we are focusing on another speaker from EDIFIER, the bookshelf speaker, EDIFIER R1000T4 speaker. It is a 2.0 speaker for music lovers.



The speaker currently retails at the price of RM219.00. You can use their official website to directly purchase from them. I, personally, used their official website to purchase a 5.1 speaker from them, and the way I receive the parcel from them were well packed and it was perfect. Trusted.



Let me summarize in the shortest explanation as possible. Simple and elegant. The information of the product was well shown to and the customer able to make the right choice to choose EDIFIER as one of their RIG’s “family”.



The right speaker is the “master” and the left speaker is the “slave”. The speaker does come with two knobs, volume knob and the bass knob. The buttons feel pretty solid and although this is a low range speaker in the 2.0 Book-shelf speaker series, the button was well built and the I like perfection of EDIFIER of developing a good speaker that delivers what you’ve payed for. Some consumers may not happy with the speakers they bought from Brand X or Y. But, I personally feel that, they won’t feel regret if they tried out the masterpiece of EDIFIER speakers.


I will further divide this part to 3 simple sub – parts.

One. Volume

Rating at 24watts, this speaker does produce high sound. Although not up to 2.1 speaker level, but it is decent enough for those who wish not to disturb their neighbors.

Two. Bass

This speaker comes with a 4” bass drivers and ¾” silk-diaphragm tweeter drivers which delivers a decent amount of sound quality.

Three. Treble 

This speaker doesn’t come with a treble control knob. Hence, it depends on how nice you tune your stock equalizer or your sound-card equalizer. From my point of view, the songs I always played rated at 320 Kbps, hence, this speaker does deliver the quality of the songs in a decent manner. To prove my statement, I’ve personally tested the speaker with 3 tracks which focuses mainly on, balance, bass and treble.



For this test, I’ve used 3 tracks.

One. Bass I love you





  1. Simple design.
  2. The tweeter & woofer driver were well built.
  3. Awesome sound quality.
  4. Suitable for music and movie lovers.


  1. When watching movies, some of the dialog couldn’t be heard properly.
  2. Proper location needed to fully utilize the bass performance. You need to place your rig or laptop at the corner of your room to direct the bass sound in your room.
  3. No treble control knob.
  4. The jack cable is too short. For laptop users, the length is fine, but for PC users, they might find difficult to place the speaker at a right place.


I’ve uploaded the audio performance of the speaker on my YouTube channel.

Final Verdict:

Most computer users using the stock built-in soundcard in their motherboard. Only few using third party soundcard such as from Asus’s XONAR or CREATIVE’s Sound Blaster.

Previously, when I was having my gaming rig, I use ASUS STRIX SOAR soundcard. The audio quality has improves drastically showing more positive results from stock soundcard. The bass is deep and the treble sounds crystal clear. But, don’t be sad, even with stock soundcard, you can fully tune the speakers performance by tweaking your equalizer settings.

As a conclusion, this speaker is made purely for music lovers and movie lovers. If you are planning to build your own custom rig’s, perhaps, you can choose this speaker as your starting point to fully utilize your audio experience.

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EDIFIER H850 Hi-Fi Headphone – Review

Happy belated April Fool guys. Today, let’s have a look at one of the best headphone that I ever came across. EDIFIER H850 Hi-Fi Headphone. The headphone costs around RM159.00. From what I see, this is a simple headphone compared with Asus Cerberus Headphone which I’m currently using for my Asus G752VT gaming laptop. This headphone has heavy bass and suitable for the gamer. Besides that, this headphone doesn’t come with volume control, hence, you have to fully rely on the windows or your multimedia interface to control the volume. The obvious thing about this headphone is, this headphone does not come with a microphone, hence, only focuses on music lovers.


First, let brief through the packaging of this headphone.


The packaging was simple and nice. There is not much complex information or unwanted graphics given and mostly, it does follow the rule of “Keep it Short, Simple” or KISS term. Well done, EDIFIER.

Figure 3: The headphone jack port.


As mentioned in the introduction, this headphone doesn’t come with a microphone or a volume control knob compared to other reputable gaming headphones brands such as Asus, Logitech, HP, Razer and many more, but, the sound quality from this headphone, can be on the same par with gaming headsets that currently in the market.

Normally, since from the year 2008 until now, I always purchase EDIFIER speakers because of their speaker quality and I really do satisfied with their sound quality of their speakers which mainly focuses on music lovers.

Figure 4: The final view.


This headphone, simply the best in its price range. For music lovers, the headphone will perfectly suit for your needs to listen to high quality musics. Next, for gamer, you might find it hard to control the volume manually by changing the levels of your multimedia interface when gaming, but, the headphone will suit your gaming desire.

My final view on this headset is, though it is not a beast headphone, but it is comparable with high end headphones.

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