unifi Introduced A New Plan for RM199/month – 300 Mbps now available for subscription

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Telekom Malaysia, the major ISP provider in Malaysia had introduced a new plan for their fibre package offering. Introduced as unifi 300Mbps, it is the latest offering from unifi for all. This new plan costs RM199/month and, this would be a great upgrade for those who are using lesser bandwidth fibre packages or opting from another fibre broadband provider.

Confirmation from unifi representative.

Allow me to translate in international language for better understanding.

"Hi Arun Viknesh, A new package is open for new subscribers subscribing 
to 100 mbps speed. For older customers, they can opt to downgrade from 
existing plan to 300 mbps package and 24-month contract renewal." - unifi.

Now let’s have a brief look at the package offered by unifi, currently:

unifi Plan comparison.

Looking at the latest plan offering, unifi still offering asymmetrical bandwidth speed, 300 Mbps for download and 50 Mbps for upload. The package also offers 600 minute talk time to fixed line nationwide along with a complimentary ultimate package for unifi TV Set-Top box.

Personally from my point of view, the offering is not worth for the price as, for hardcore gamers who need to stream over the internet, this package might be your second choice defeated by TIME Fibre’s plan or Maxis (if your residence type is not covered by TIME Fibre). TM should revise their plans for all as, some users paying extra for the same bandwidth while other paying less. Looks like TM is upgrading their infrastructure to enable their fibre service available for all, nationwide.

Let’s compare the fibre package offerings from TM’s competitors, Maxis and TIME Fibre:

By looking at the differences of fibre broadband packages offered by three main fibre provider in Malaysia, whom you think offers the best price for the subscribers out there?

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