TIME FIBRE’S New Pricing Plans of their Fibre Broadband Plans

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Today, most of the TIME users woke up with a smiley face, as, TIME finally revamped their pricing plans, and they’re much ahead of the main fibre provider in Malaysia in terms of pricing.

2An official statement has been made by a TIME Fibre representative at their official Facebook page.

Most of the comments on the post show mixed response from the high-rise and landed properties users.

This marks the first fibre provider in Malaysia to provide solid 1 Gbps of internet connection at an affordable price.

Now, let’s have a surface look on the packages offered according to the page.

The cheapest offered a pricing plan of their fibre plans starts at RM99 for the 100 Mbps plan. The highest offered bandwidth along with its price is at RM199 for their 1 Gbps plan. Currently, all the packages offered are unlimited. By means, all the offered plans have no monthly quota.

Now, lets compare the pricing in detail. According to their official website:

The plans offering in detail.

According to the table above, for 100 Mbps and 500 Mbps users, you’re entitled to get the basic TP-LINK Archer C1200 and for 1 Gbps users, you will receive an MU-MIMO router from D-Link DIR-882. The package offers asymmetrical speed instead of symmetrical speed previously. Currently, only high rise users, residential area users whose lives in Cyberjaya able to enjoy this fibre broadband, and, TIME promises that, they will expand their service and coverage to residential users in phase.

The most professional open statement made by a fibre provider in Malaysia.

You can only achieve such solid speed only if you’re using the internet via a physical connection (LAN Cable). It is not recommended to use wireless connectivity to do a speedtest as the result would be differ from the LAN test.” – Arun.

cyn’s outlook: The offered plans by TIME Fibre by far, the most affordable for most high rise users. Compared to UniFi users who are paying RM229 or RM329 for 800 Mbps, I find that, UniFi should revamp their plans as soon as possible if, they wish to grab their end user’s attention to keep on using their service. Now, there will be a healthy competition between the fibre providers in Malaysia. This will be a good news for the users as well as for their pockets. Good luck TIME Fibre.

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