MAXIS Home Fibre now offers up to 800 Mbps! Get FREE Mesh Wi-Fi unit signing with 800Mbps package

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A few days earlier, unifi had announced their 300Mbps fibre plan at RM199. Following up with the package offering, Maxis today had announced their latest offering for Maxis Home Fibre users and Business users. Now, let us further have deep look at the Home Fibre plan offering and ONEBusiness Fibre plan offering for business users.

Maxis Home Fibre Plans:

Packages 30 Mbps 100 Mbps 300 Mbps 500 Mbps 800 Mbps
Pricings RM89/month RM129/month RM149/month RM219/month RM299/month
Bandwidth Offering
(DL | UL)
30 | 30 100 | 50 300 | 50 500 | 100 800 | 200
Quota Unlimited
Local Voice Calls Pay per use Add RM10/mth for unlimited calls Unlimited
Mesh Wi-Fi RM300 per unit 2 free units (Add more at RM300 per unit)
Off-Day Installation Not Available FREE

From the pricing offered above for Home Fibre users, I personally feel that, package up to 500 Mbps is worth for users who staying in an area whose not covered by TIME Fibre and looking at the price comparison with 300Mbps offerings from unifi, Maxis’s 500Mbps seems more worth. In addition, for both 500Mbps and 800Mbps package subscription, you will get free units of a pair of AirTies Mesh Wi-Fi Extender, and you can further add up RM300 to get another unit to add to the free pair of Mesh Wi-Fi.

Maxis ONEBusiness Plans:

Packages ONEBusiness Fibre 30Mbps ONEBusiness Fibre 100Mbps ONEBusiness Fibre 300Mbps ONEBusiness Fibre 500Mbps ONEBusiness Fibre 800Mbps
Description Recommended for offices with up to 10 employees Recommended for offices with up to 20 employees Recommended for offices with up to 40 employees Recommended for offices with up to 60 employees Recommended for offices with up to 80 employees
Price RM99/mth
(add 1 unlimited IP voice line for RM10/mth)
RM139/mth+ 1 unlimited IP voice line RM199/mth + 1 unlimited IP voice line
RM309/mth+ 5 IP voice lines +
2,200 shared minutes
+ 9 IP voice lines +
3,400 shared minutes
RM269/mth + 1 unlimited IP voice line
RM379/mth + 5 IP voice lines + 2,200 shared minutes
RM469/mth + 9 IP voice lines + 3,400 shared minutes
RM349/mth + 1 Unlimited IP Voice Line
RM459/mth + 5 IP Voice Lines + 2,200 shared minutes
RM549/mth + 9 IP Voice Lines + 4300 shared minutes
Mesh Wi-Fi N/A 2 FREE mesh WiFi units
(add additional units for RM12.50/mth each)
Additional Offerings N/A Free Internet Security

Similar with Home Fibre’s 500Mbps and 800Mbps offerings, you will get a pair unit of AirTies Mesh Wi-Fi Extender and you can add an additional unit for RM12.50/month.

AirTies Mesh Wi-Fi Extender

Now, I am not sure what is the exact model of Mesh Wi-Fi from this brand will be supplied to the 500Mbps and 800Mbps subscribers. There are three possibilities, Air 4830, Air 4920 or Air 4930 will be given to the users and googling around showing mixed reviews from the users whom used this AirTies Mesh Extender. However, it should be okay for basic home usage and there will be always an optional way to opt for third party Mesh Wi-Fi from other networking manufacturer such as ASUS, D-Link or Ubiquiti.

UPDATE: It is confirmed that Air 4830 will be supplied to the Maxis 500Mbps and 800Mbps subscribers and non-maxis subscribers can buy the Mesh extender at the same price.


We’ve seen the plan and price offering from Maxis and TIME Fibre, so, what will be unifi’s next move to attract more customers to opt for their fibre service?


Allow me to translate into international language for better understanding:

Hai Arun Viknesh. For now we have no promotional plan for unifi 500 mbps 
and 800 mbps. In the future, we will create a promotion on the plan. 
For now our maximum speed is 300 mbps at a price of RM 199 / month.

It is happy to see the competition between fibre providers to offer the best for their customers. It is highly advisable for the TM’s marketing department to carry out a proper approach to offer their loyal customer and new-to-be customer the best plans in the future.

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