Internet in Malaysia

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Overview of the ISP in Malaysia

In Malaysia, we have three major ISP’s, commonly known as, unifi (Telekom Malaysia), Maxis Fiber and TIME Fiber. However, there are few other companies growing up all together with the major ISP’s, Celcom, TNB, Cyberjaya Broadband and connectme.

Let’s have a look at the current pricing of the ISP providers along with the provided packages. I’ve selected 5 ISP’s in our country to be compared.

Internet Provider In Malaysia
Major ISP (Fibre) in Malaysia.

Currently, the major dominating ISP in Malaysia are UniFi followed by Maxis when it comes to residential. However, for high rise building, TIME dominates high rise residential users. Celcom Home Fiber was recently launched after few revamp in their earlier proposed pricing range. However, some ISP’s such as Cyberjaya Broadband focuses the residents whose reside in Cyberjaya, offering up to 1Gbps of internet subscription. Despite for the pricing offered by TM, TM highly receive mixed reviews among the users, and at the same time, TM receives mostly negative reviews when it comes to their Streamyx (UniFi Broadband) lineup, however, TM recently come up to give an official statement that, UniFi Broadband users can check up their eligibility to upgrade to UniFi 100 Mbps for residential, 30 Mbps for high-rise building users, and those who are not covered with fibre in your residential area, yet, you will receive 8Mbps as your free upgrade.

In general, it is obvious that, most ISP’s in the world supplies a decent router to their end users. This results in the tons of complaint lodges at the customer service center and rages among the users. Well, not to worry as, most router’s available in Malaysian market currently supports the fiber broadband services in Malaysia.

When the turbo plan was announced by Telekom Malaysia, most router manufacturers in Malaysia come up with their official statement on the type of models of their respective brands that supports the packages range.

CYN’s Outlook:

The price offered by other ISP’s in Malaysia except for Unifi is reasonably and highly affordable by the users. However, TM believed to revamp their pricing over the packages offered by them, and, TM also should standardize the price of their packages as well.

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