DiGi Fibre is available now! Offering 50 Mbps for RM99/month and 100Mbps for RM129/month – Open for Kajang, Subang and Rawang residents

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The month of April is full of surprises with the recent announcement by fibre packages offered by the internet service provider such as unifi and maxis. Digi on the other hand shocked the nation with their sudden announcement of expending their fibre services to the selected areas in the Klang Valley particularly Kajang, Bangi, Subang and Rawang residents regarding the latest pricing and plans for their fibre services which is open for booking now.


Currently, only two plans were given by the fibre service provider, 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps at RM99/month and RM129/month respectively. You can further check the coverage of the service via their Digi Fibre Coverage website to see if your current resident were entitled to receive the service.

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Once you were on the website, just enter your residential address and click on the search button. If your resident was not ready to receive the fibre service, you will be prompted with a message while if your residence were entitled to receive the fibre service, you can further select the package of your choice and fill the credentials to proceed to subscribe to the service. Do note that, the plans offered doesn’t come with monthly quotas, in other word, it is unlimited.


Currently, it is not confirmed yet if Digi will be using its own infrastructure similar to TIME Fibre or will be riding over TNB or Telekom Malaysia’s infrastructure. I wonder if DiGi were planning to offer speeds up to 800Mbps or even 1Gbps in the future, similarly with their competitors, and revise the pricing for their plans to attract new subscriber to opt for their fibre service.┬áIt is going to be a tough competition between the fibre service providers.

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