About Me

Welcome to my blog dear respected readers. I am Mr.AVM (not my real name). My journey as a fresh blogger starts on November 2017. Before beginning to blog, I’ve faced so many challenges in life before deciding to involve myself to be a blogger. Getting into the main agenda here, as an IT graduate, I decide to involve myself purely on science and technologies around the world. By doing so, I like to explore into the futuristic technologies around us and convey the information to the people.

In order to learn about the current technologies, I invested some money on buying the gadgets and test them by myself before giving proper information to the people.

Most tech bloggers out there did the same thing, however, there are very few bloggers in Malaysia that focuses on science and technologies.

I also would like to extend the purpose of this blog in another field such as nature, travelling, foods, facts and so on.

TechMeMasta is a blog where the information regarding the current technologies can be delivered to the knowledge seekers. All the information stated in this website were well researched and modified so that the seekers able to understand well.

If you want to reach out for me, do email to my personal email address or reach me via official Facebook page.


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