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About Us

Our Mission

From the time when its commencement in 2018, our organization has always aimed to serve a predefined purpose of our vision, and that is, to deliver the information based on the analysis carried out in a smart presentation, yet simple and understandable by non-tech seekers. What differentiates us from other organization is, our analysis focuses on a deeper part of a product, rather than, only focuses on the thing that could save our time on writing a review. Our main vision is to keep the fact, as smart as possible, in a simpler manner.



In initial stage, TechCyn was founded in 2018. TechCyn is the rebranded version of TechmeMasta. It was founded by Arun Viknesh, a geeky kid whose completed Computer Science majoring in Software Engineering from Universiti Tenaga Nasional, UNITEN.


Our current partner, ASUS Malaysia.

Initially, our main focus is mainly on networking, reviewing wireless routers is our beginning journey in this technology field. Now, we are slowly expanding our wings to other technology of focus as well. Despite of focusing on a single topic of focus, our major concern is to conquer all the technology related field by the year 2025, which is, in the same par of Vision Malaysia 2025.

We believe, with constant cope up with the current style of presentation, we able to make our dream come true. Our focus of reviewing a product mainly on answering your seeking of knowledge, by focusing only on the important part, in order, to ease the understanding and, to save your time and money on purchasing the right choice of your desired product.

In due course, we would like to thank to ASUS Malaysia for reaching us out at first, and giving us the opportunity to show our credibility to gain their trust by constantly improving our presentation skills. Next, we would like to thank the people, because, if not for you guys, we won’t be here by gaining a giant tech company’s attention. We owe you guys and, we will do our best and keep up with our mission.


If you’re interested to be a part of our family, then, you’re most welcome to send us your interest here, and help us to spread our mission to influence further Malaysian seekers on Information Technology.