How to buy TP-LINK Routers?

TP-LINK (Twisted Pair – LINK) was well known for their cheap and affordable networking equipment’s particularly for their wireless routers and enterprise based switches. The cheapest entry level of AC routers is C1200, which, goes up to higher end C5400X. Being an affordable networking equipment’s manufacturer, TP-LINK have their own marketing strategy. By doing so, they actually allow their end user to explore the feature offered by their wireless router models before, their end user decides to be their customer or vice versa.

Supported Emulators of TP-LINK Network Equipment’s

As for future reference of your desired network equipment’s upgrade, you can check the supported emulators, here.

[tp-link] Supported Emulator Models
List of supported emulators provided by TP-LINK for their equipment’s.

Now, allow me to give a simple procedure to use the emulator to go through the feature offered for my requirement. “Do note that, this requirement is a real requirement and not a dummy requirement created for this guide“.

Below are the requirements of mine:

My requirements.

Based on my current ISP package, it is impossible for selecting Archer C1200 as my main router for such requirement. Hence, I will exclude the Archer C1200 out from the list.

According to the list, only Archer C3150 and C5400 supports 1Gbps solid via a wired connection, while, on the other hand, Archer C7 only supports up to 500Mbps over a wired connection. Hence, Archer C7 opts out from the list leaving Archer C3150 and Archer C5400.

For the test of the selected model, I will select Archer C5400 V2 as my testing ground due to it is being the second highest range of TP-LINK wireless routers.

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Based on the emulator above, I’ve attached few screenshots of the feature that, I need the most, and, to be surprised, this router has all I need. From this, I can proceed to buy the router according to the current retail price of the router in Malaysia.

To conclude my test analysis, the emulator provided above, not only helps me to choose the right model that suits my need, it does save me from investing in wrong wireless router models, that, might not able to cope up with my presented requirement as well as my pennies. In addition, I always prefer wired connection over wireless as, all the connected laptops and PC’s are wired, and, only smartphones were connected to the router via wireless.


To sums the things up, budget is the major concern for the users in order to utilize their internet bandwidth, however, not all low end wireless routers able to support higher internet bandwidth, despite of being a gigabit router. They have their own hardware limitations that, limits the performance of the router. TP-LINK scores here, where the emulators were prepared for each wireless router model and their respective revisions.

It is highly advisable for the user to pick the right version (revision) which compatible with your current ISP’s subscription and bandwidth, in order to fully utilize your internet experience from the router.

Do mind that, not only TP-LINK provides emulators for their networking equipment’s, similarly, few router manufacturers (networking manufacture) such as ASUS, D-Link, Mikrotik etc. provide their own emulator for their network equipment’s.


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