EDIFIER E3100 – Best 2.1 Budget Speaker

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For most music lovers, they tend to choose a good speaker, let it be 2.0 Bookshelf Speaker, or for bass lovers, 2.1 Speaker system. The common thing that differentiates for an audio quality from the speaker is, the price. In general, high end speaker tends to give out perfect audio quality both for movies, gaming and music. However, low end speakers tend to give out average audio quality for movies, gaming and music.

Today, let’s see one of the best budget 2.1 speaker from EDIFIER, the Edifier E3100. The speakers were one of the most successful speaker that still rocks for 11 years in the Malaysian market. According to the official website, there is no stock for both orange and blue version.

External Link: Youtube (Sound test)

E3100 Color: Orange

Price: RM229 (inclusive GST)


Before Un-boxing

After Un-boxing


For the price, you get what you paid for. In other word, the build quality of this speaker at its best.

Satellite Speaker

The satellite speaker does come with a 3-inch mid-range driver along with a 3/4 – inch tweeter.

Figure 16: The “High Quality” audio cable.

I am amazed, for the price of the speaker, the given audio cable is a high quality cable at its class.


The sub-woofer comes with a 5-inch woofer unit encased in a wooden enclosure for effectively preventing resonance.

Quick view on the specifications:

Figure 19: The specification of the EDIFIER E3100.




  • Solid bass (suitable for high volume).
  • Crystal clear audio.
  • Suitable for gamers.
  • Suitable for movies.
  • Don’t need a sound-card to maximize its performance (major plus point).
  • High quality audio cable for such price.
  • The satellite speaker was wall-mountable.


  • Poor volume knob and power button quality
  • No audio jack for mp3 users.

#4 FAQ

Do you need sound-card to maximize the speaker audio quality performance?

No. Even an on-board sound-card is sufficient to maximize the audio quality. The important thing is, you should know on how to tweak the equalizer. I will further explain in the final verdict section.


Firstly, this speaker was well built. Most of the EDIFIER speakers do come with awesome design that not only serves as an audio pleasure, but as well as visual pleasure.

Secondly, when it comes to speaker, the main thing that concerned us is, the audio quality. I must say, the audio quality from this speaker is very awesome. In other word, the bass were solid and the clarity was crystal clear. Whenever I do my work, I always used to listen to A.R.Rahman songs. A.R.Rahman songs tend to make some people feel like they are in the “heaven” by listening to the melody. But, with EDIFIER E3100, you can fully experience the heaven in your room with such a nice crystal clear audio with solid bass.

Finally, if you are using an on-board soundcard, then, no worries, the speaker does perform well. If you’re using a sound-card, then it is a major plus point for you to fully experience the audio quality from the speaker.

As for my final word, you get what you paid for. EDIFIER not only concern for their audio quality, as well as their motto, “A passion for sound”, but, they make sure their motto delivered to the user that worth for their bucks.

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